Applications that can't be overestimated: 5 top apps for Apple iPad

The top 5 apps for the Apple iPad

The Apple iPad Internet tablet is a device that combines the functions of a work tool, an entertainment gadget, and a stylish, modern accessory. You can use it to create and edit documents, read books, play games, and watch multimedia content. Various useful and feature-rich apps help you significantly expand the capabilities of your device.

Which applications are worth downloading to your tablet PC to get access to the various useful options and special features?


A program that helps you learn the basics of financial planning and still find out where a good half of the family budget goes every month. It has a simple and clear interface, so it is suitable even for those users who are not familiar with software.

In Mint you can consolidate all your active bank accounts and keep track of them centrally. The security of your personal finances remains intact as the developers of the application care about your comfort and well-being.

You can install Mint on any Apple iPad available from Didi Insider.


A find for true music lovers. An app that helps you quickly and effortlessly recognize any melody you happen to hear while walking, at a party, or on public transportation. "Shazam" seems to know every song in the world.

You can "mash up" the soundtrack from a movie, "chorus" from an entertainment TV show, or a song that is on a friend's phone.


Appliqué is for creative people and not only. You can use it to create real masterpieces or draw simple, uncomplicated patterns to relax.

You can learn how to work in Procreate thanks to the huge number of paid and free instructions available on the Internet.

Microsoft Office

This app bundle is definitely not a waste for any iPad owner. It opens up access to a huge number of tools for:

  • creating and editing text documents;
  • The following are some of the most important features of the email system;
  • work with tables;
  • creating applications and multimedia clips.


A manager for centralized storage of passwords from various applications and services.
A program that will allow you to "unload" your head a little bit. With it you can safely forget any passwords.
Of course, the list of useful software for Internet tablets does not end here. The official IOS app store offers thousands of different programs for all occasions.

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