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Lego apps will open up new opportunities for you to interact with the constructor

Lego is, without exaggeration, a unique invention of mankind. This block construction set has conquered the hearts and minds of millions of children and adults. And even now, in the era of rapidly developing technology, it remains in demand. Of course, he little changed, adapted to the demands and hobbies of consumers and even partially migrated to mobile platforms. In the Apple Store you will find many interesting Lego applications, which are both independent programs and add-ons-assistants for playing with the classic constructor.

Lego apps

The selection of Lego apps in this article can be taken as a recommendation for parents. Here you will find apps that encourage building, apps that give you an understanding of programming, and mini-courses in directing. There are also entertaining applications for relaxing and unloading the brain after hard work.

Lego Boost and other Lego programming apps



Programming robots is a new and popular entertainment for today's children and youth. You can now learn about robotics at school in computer science classes, in special programming circles, or at home via the Lego app.

If you are interested in the theme of robots, first buy a special Lego set, which is equipped with everything you need for programming. Then find the official lego robot app and download it. For the first acquaintance and home use it is ideal Lego Boost.

Create your own EV3 robots and "animate" them without much difficulty.

  • By dragging and dropping command blocks you can create a complete chain of actions.
  • Connect to your robot via Bluetooth and watch it move, talk, shoot, and pick up objects.
  • Use already written programs if you are just starting to learn the basics of programming. Test the robots, get into the process.
  • To get new combinations - change the order of command blocks and settings.

There are other applications for Lego programming. They are designed for a more programming-savvy audience - students of specialized courses, for example.

WeDo 2.0 LEGO® Education

WeDo 2.0 LEGO® Education

Appendix WeDo 2.0 LEGO® Education is designed to teach children more in-depth programming with Lego. WeDo 2.0 LEGO® Education will be clear and easy to master for elementary school students. The youngest roboticists will learn the basics of physics and mechanics, and master the principles of code writing. The construction kit includes a motor, a tilt and distance sensor, and a switch through which data is exchanged between the computer and the robot. The child will be able to build wild animals, entertaining mechanisms, soccer elements, construction machines from the blocks and use the application to put the individual parts of these figures into action. This constructor can be called a preparatory platform for a more serious stage of programming with Lego Mindstorms.



With the app LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Commander and a special Lego set you can create your own unique robot and control it. You will have access to the powerful EV3 software in the Mindstorms series. It is designed for children over 10 years old. The sets necessarily include: a programmable unit, sensors (sound, touch, distance, light) and motors.

  • Assemble one of the 17 robots.
  • Bring it to life with the app.
  • Create your own versions of robots.

Lovers of playing in the virtual world will also find yourself interesting entertainment among Lego applications.

Lego Game Apps

Employees of the Lego Corporation closely monitor the needs and desires of their customers, which is why the designers have partially switched to virtual platforms. They also got into the niche of mobile games, which are happily mastered by the younger generation. Go to at and you will get to the page of the store with original entertainment and games from Lego.

  • Appendix LEGO® POWERED UP to drive the Batman Car from the LEGO® DC Super Heroes series and the freight train from the LEGO® City series. You'll be able to turn 360 degrees with your lego car and quickly deliver goods to different cities in your lego city.


  • Action Racing Game LEGO® NINJAGO®: Ride Ninja allows you to feel like a true biker fighting the forces of evil. With built-in purchases you can unlock new bikes, buy swords, and double up on crystals.

LEGO® NINJAGO®: Ride Ninja

THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ Movie Maker

  • LEGO® Creator Islands - A simulation game in which you can build your own virtual lego world on exotic islands. Fantasize and assemble figures and houses from virtual lego cubes, explore islands and discover new building sets. In the game you will be offered to go through interesting missions, as a result of the successful completion of which, you will be rewarded.

LEGO® Creator Islands

  • A puzzle game with fascinating tasks, where the characters LEGO® Elves You will be your guides to the mysterious world of fairies and elves. You can train your brain by solving puzzles of different levels. Search for treasure, watch videos, create amulets, invite friends and play together with them.

LEGO® Elves

  • At play LEGO® Juniors You can create your own exclusive versions of cars and men. In addition, you'll get access to virtual kits, the construction of which will subsequently become the scenery of your gameplay.

LEGO® Juniors

  • 3D LEGO® CatalogThe catalog can be used in the electronic version of the instructions. You can also use the catalog with the electronic version of the instructions.

3D LEGO® Catalog

As you can see, even the classic version of the game with lego blocks "has taken on a slightly different sound. Despite the fact that children do not stop building with Lego in real life, mobile applications come to their aid more and more often.

An app for building and assembling Lego

When you run out of ideas and there are plenty of unused building blocks, you can turn to the ready-made instructions from the apps. You can take inspiration from other people's ideas and build your own masterpiece with the LEGO® Life app. It's not just an app where LEGO fans post photos of their masterpieces, it's an entire community for legomaniacs to meet.

  • Run the application, preliminarily By downloading it from the Apple Store.

LEGO® Life

  • Choose your avatar and name from the ready-made options. In further work with the application you will be able to change or create a completely different image and choose a different Lego hero, which will maximally coincide with your inner world and taste. That is, in this application, you will become a lego-human. Experiment with the character's skin color, clothing and headgear.

LEGO® Life

  • Join interest groups: Lego Friends, City, NINJAGO, Elves, Star Wars, NEXO KNIGHTS, Batman and others. There other legomaniacs post pictures of their kits. you can do the same. The more original your creation, the more likes you will get. Here you will also find video instructions.

LEGO® Life

  • Post photos of your kits in groups, create dynamic stories on them, and add stickers.

LEGO® Life

  • Find your buddies in the feed and add them to My Friends. Use the search function. Through the Search, you'll be able to find the kits you're interested in with interactive instructions. Each time you click the search button, a random set will be displayed on the page. You can see all of the featured sets in the app by clicking More. The LEGO® Life app is a complete LEGO catalog.

LEGO® Life

  • Add all your kits to My Kits by scanning the QR code on the instructions.

LEGO® Life

  • Earn badges for creating a new image, an unusual avatar, comments, and original models.

LEGO® Life

  • Participate in competitions and pass the tasks offered in groups: build a similar object presented in the task, come up with your own original handshake lego-human.

LEGO® Life

  • Get notifications about all the events happening to you and around you, follow the news feed, like other participants, write reviews.

The app is a godsend for today's Lego-obsessed kids, who are no strangers to the words "social networking. They can engage in their favorite design and construction and share their inventions with like-minded people online. This is a great alternative to the far from childish Facebook and Instagram, where each participant can create an individual profile and maintain his or her own page, receiving comments and feedback.

How to use the LEGO® Life app: encourages children to build more Lego, and therefore develops motor skills and the brain, stimulates the development of imagination, promotes communication in a community of interest, is a reliable guide to the world of technology, social networks and the Internet.

With Lego, children grow up, make their first discoveries and dare their most daring experiments. In tandem with apps, the constructor has won the recognition of modern children and their advanced parents around the world. Learning with Lego is more interesting, and the game becomes more fun. In addition, thanks to such educational applications together with building blocks you can thoroughly prepare for university and future professional activities.


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