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LeBoutique, Kasta and Lamoda apps - personal shopper in your iPhone

Save on buying exclusive things with LeBoutique, Kasta and Lamoda apps, be on trend

LeBoutique, Kasta and Lamoda apps are created for comfortable, productive and profitable shopping. World brands, fashionable models, quality things you will find exactly in these applications. Incredible discounts and bonuses for regular customers are almost always valid. You're sure to buy what you were looking for and even what you weren't looking for but were tempted to buy.

Apps where you can buy cheap stuff

You say that the smartest and most economical ones order on foreign sites through joint buying (aka JV)? Of course they do. And I do. But during sales and the chaos that happens in the buying groups, it is almost impossible to think logically and buy only what is necessary. Often, after such a shopping rush, I find that I have forgotten about something. Sometimes it turns out that my closet is missing an item that I need to get immediately (a dress for an upcoming unplanned holiday, for example). It is in such cases that the aforementioned apps help me out.

Do you think it's cheaper to buy online "off hand," on so-called "bulletin boards," where sellers post items that don't fit properly with a price tag lower than the original? Of course, it's much more economical, but also many times riskier. First, most often there is no possibility of return and exchange (let's not even talk about trying it on). Secondly, you can run into fraudsters and stay with nothing. Thirdly, the authors of such ads sometimes dictate their own rules for shipping and set a convenient deadline for them.

I hope I was able to convey my thoughts and attitudes toward shopping to you. The main thing you should know is that I am a true shopaholic. Below I will describe each app individually and reveal the secret of which one is my favorite and why. And so, let's begin.

Applications through which you can order fashion items

LeBoutique: clothing and shoes


Here you will find clothes, shoes, accessories and even cosmetics. Anoraks, fur coats and parkas, slip-ons, loafers and top-siders, stoles, mittens and pareos - all these newfangled words are translated into real things in the app. So, you'll be dressed according to the latest trends seen in the fashion world.

Download application can be absolutely free, the main expenses are waiting for you afterwards.

Go to LeBoutique and select from the drop-down list the gender: women, men or children. There you will also find the "Home Goods" section.


After such a simple manipulation you will open the necessary page with all the current promotions. Here you'll find such famous brands as: BGN, Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, H&M, Bershka, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and others. Put filters by color, size, sort by popularity or price.


For a more detailed division of products open the tab "Catalog", where you can go from accessories section to shoes section, see hats, and later choose sportswear. In the "Wishes" tab you can send your favorite products by clicking on the star in the upper right corner of the photo. This will give you a chance to think carefully about your purchase.


About bonuses at LeBoutique

For each purchase you will be awarded bonuses in points, their size is indicated under the photo of each product. They are calculated as follows: for every hryvnia you get 1 bonus. But it is possible only if:

  • You will prepay the full price of your order before shipping.
  • You receive newsletters from an online store with the same name.

It is important to know that the bonuses are activated only on the 15th day after receiving your order. Select "payment from bonus account", specify the amount of bonuses you want to write off and calculate as follows: 1 bonus = 1 kopeck. Shipping you can not pay for bonuses. They burn out 5 months after receiving the last order.

If you return the order or refuse it for personal reasons, the bonuses are cancelled. If the product is returned due to defects, then the bonuses are refunded.

LeBoutique guarantees the originality of presented goods, possibility of free returns, provides customers with detailed descriptions and good visualization, exact measurements and minimal delivery time. You can get your order not only at Novaya or Ukrposhta branches, but also from PrivatBank post offices and LeBoutique service centers in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov or Zaporozhye.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the manager - by calling or writing a letter.


Kasta - discounts and promotions


Shopaholics are a separate caste of people who shop frequently, enjoy it, and are always aware of all the discounts and bargains. Thanks to the Kasta mobile app you can also quickly find out about sales and be among the first lucky owners of exclusive items at enviable prices.

Download The shopping assistant is free from the Apple branded store.

Once you launch the app, you'll immediately get to the section with all the current promotions, each of which lasts a certain amount of time. A timer will tell you how much more time you can think about it. In addition, the app also has information about upcoming promotions, so you'll always be armed.


On the scroll bar select the section: women, men, children, clothes, shoes, beauty, accessories, home and groceries, sports and leisure, favorite brand. You can use the search bar to find the right product at lightning speed. At the bottom you will see the tab "Catalog", which opens a convenient illustrated menu with headings.


The "Orders" section will display your purchases and all manipulations with them. Under "Other", don't forget to fill in your profile and link your payment card, from which you can automatically debit and pay for purchases. This is very advantageous, because this type of calculation allows you to get an additional 5 % discount on any product. In addition, this efficiency will not interfere, and because the thing in the reserve will be only 19 minutes. If you don't, it can be intercepted by other discount hunters.


How does "Free Shipping with Black" work?

To start using all the benefits of this delivery, you need to subscribe for 50 UAH for 1 month or for 299 UAH for 1 year. After that you can:

  • Receive free parcels at KastaPost branches.
  • Use free courier services. This service is available all over Ukraine.
  • Pay only 25 UAH for delivery by the carrier "New Mail".

But! Such privileges are valid if the cost of the order is not less than 99 UAH, and the weight does not exceed 1 kg. If the parcel is heavier, you will have to pay 15 UAH extra for each extra kilo. So, watch the weight of your purchases. The description of each item shows its weight.

Interestingly, using the app rather than the website, you get a little bonus: all the promotions in it open 5 minutes earlier. You have the opportunity to be the owner of an item that is presented in a single copy. And if you send a link to a friend, by clicking on it he will register, then each of you will win: he will get 100 UAH to his account, and you will get 75 UAH after he makes a purchase not later than in 14 days after your invitation.

Lamoda: fashionable clothes and shoes


Lamoda - an app that will free you from tedious trips to shopping malls in search of things. No longer will you have to push in stuffy stores, searching in vain for the right size, standing in line at the fitting room. There are about 2,500 different brands on the app, which is more than 3 million items. In the subway, in traffic or with a cup of tea on the couch, you can make bargains in minutes.

Download application and dive headfirst into the beautiful and colorful world of fashion.

From the first page you will be bombarded with tempting offers with incredible discounts, colorful banners will entice and beckon. But don't rush headlong into the maelstrom. Usually the size of the maximum discount is indicated, inside you will be waiting for a little disappointment.



The contents of the app are pretty much the same as the previous two: headings, gender, favorites, and profile. Note the "Sale" and "Best Promotions" sections


There are pickup points and Lamoda post offices even in small towns. You will wait for your parcel for no longer than 8 days and pay for it 39 UAH (post office), 49 UAH (department) or 69 UAH (courier). Free delivery is also possible if the amount of your order will be more than 750 UAH.

Lamoda Friends&Family loyalty program

Virtually every store that pursues the right policy to attract and retain customers comes up with its own "tricks". Lamoda is no exception. Personal discounts, nice gifts and closed sales - this is the leverage of Lamoda. In order to become a privileged member of such a program you need:

  • You will be notified by email of the points you've earned, but you can only use them after you've registered.
  • Accumulate points: make purchases (400 UAH=100 points), subscribe to a newsletter (10 points), leave reviews or take part in surveys (1 review=10 points).
  • Use your personal discount. After logging in and selecting your desired item, select "Friends&Family.

Points will be kept on your balance for one year. In addition, your status and opportunities will depend on the amount of accumulated points:

  • Basic - 500 points. You will have access to secret sales, hidden from prying eyes.
  • Bronze - 1000 points. Allows you to use 5% discount.
  • Silver status - 3000 points. You will be able to save already 7%.
  • Gold status is 5,000 points. Your discount amount will be 10%.
  • Platinum status - 10000 points. An impressive 15% of the cost of any item will stay in your pocket.
  • Diamond status - 15,000 points. Opens the opportunity to pay less for your purchase by 20%.

It's time to reveal the main intrigue: what app I use to buy things. It is... Kasta. I placed orders through all three of the aforementioned apps. My subjective opinion: the navigation in Kasta is clearer and more convenient, as well as the search and separation by category. The bonus policy is more transparent and realistic. But that's not even the main thing. Here you can buy things much cheaper. The cost of well-known brands is absolutely justified. Of course, it is a little higher than what you can see on the official sites during the sale period, but still adequate and acceptable. In the application are not only big-name expensive brands, but also little-known Ukrainian. Prices for things from new collections are also not shocking. I like to find the exclusive for a bargain price. At Kaste it is possible. Nothing makes me happier than a good purchase. What about you?


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