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Applications used by Jaanika Merilo

The apps I use, maybe there will be something interesting. What are your favorites?
In addition to messengers (8 different), cab apps (3 different), food and goods ordering service (3 each) and news (at least 3), I use the following apps.
  1. Waze
    I use Waze (Knight level) for everything, as it really shows the best route through traffic jams.
  2. Duolingo
    A very handy app for learning languages. I except for the lessons in ELEKS University is also learning Spanish with Duolingo.
  3. IMDB
    I love movies and good shows and often check the average score and Metacritic opinions to avoid watching food
  4. FlightRadar24
    What planes are above you, aren't you flying through Belarus id.
  5. Shazam
    When you don't know what song is in the background, Shazam or SoundHound will tell you
  6. DJI Go
    Well, it's an app to control DJI drones
  7. Blinkist
    Very handy aplica to read a short "main point" of many books, or to follow the main point in 15 minutes to read or not...
  8. Audible
    The best environment for listening to English-language audiobooks
  9. MasterClass
    Just really cool long masterclasses of mastery from the best of the best from Dan Brown, Paul Krugman, Gordon Ramsey id.
  10. Vivino
    It's true that I don't use it that often, but it's an app for "scan the wine label" and you can see the average score. When you want to take something new to the guests, both in terms of quality and price.
  11. GoodReads
    I read a lot, and since I value my time in life, often like with movies, I punch the book in Goodreads first and grade it myself
  12. Tile
    I don't use it that often either, but it helps to immediately find a lost phone or keys somewhere
  13. Windy
    Shows both weather and air quality, which, unfortunately, is also sometimes necessary.
  14. KetoDiet
    I'm not on a keto diet, but lots of good and healthy recipes when I want to make something new.
  15. Stuumium
    Electronic school in your smartphone. I see everything - from grades to the child's homework, to what they were doing at school today and what they were...

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