Chineasy Cards - an app for learning Chinese

Chineasy Cards - an app for learning Chinese

There are more and more people who speak Chinese. And there are definitely more of them than people who speak English. Plus business in China is developing very briskly, which means there will be a need for people who are chinese interpreters. I'm not a great expert in Chinese, but I know that Chinese is all about characters. And that's where most of the time in language learning is spent on memorizing them. And now closer to the Chineasy Cards app, an app for learning Chinese.

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Chineasy Cards - an app for learning Chinese

Chineasy Cards - an app for learning Chinese

It took more than seven years to develop the method that formed the basis of the app. It is based on visualization: a hundred Chinese characters are broken down into components and illustrated. The character for fire is framed by tongues of flame, an image you won't forget. The first sketches that Shao Lan, the creator of the app, made on a napkin were later reborn as illustrations by renowned artist Noma Bara.

"I like Noma's clean style," says Shao Lan, "The illustrations in the app are meant to blur cultural and linguistic boundaries. If the drawings were done in a traditional Chinese manner, people would perceive them as someone foreign.

Chineasy Cards - an app for learning Chinese

But Chineasy Cards is more than just an illustrated dictionary. You will learn where this or that expression came from, and you can better understand the psychology and culture of the Celestial people.

You will go on an exciting adventure through the complex world of Chinese grammar: pass 200 levels, learn over 1000 words, and make friends with a cute dumpling named Bao, a fierce fighter against errors and mispronunciation.

Shao Lan was born in Taiwan into a family of master calligraphers and ceramic artists. In the 1990s, the future developer received an MBA and wrote four books that became bestsellers. "The money I made then allowed me to start my own company," Lan recalls.

At 31, she enrolled at Cambridge and moved to the UK. Her children were born and raised there, and they inspired Shao Lan to create Chineasy Cards. "I wanted to get my daughter and son interested in Chinese," she says.

Today, Shao Lan could safely say that her life is successful: a successful career, a strong family and financial stability. But the creator of Chineasy Cards is confident that her mission is not yet complete.

"300 million people in China are trying to master the Chinese language. While in the U.S. only 200,000 speak Chinese. In the United Kingdom, even less. I would like to restore that balance and make sure that people not only learn Chinese grammar, but also embrace our culture. If I can build a bridge between East and West, I'll be happy," admits Shao Lan.

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