Apps for learning Italian on your phone

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

There are people who would like to learn a foreign language, but for some reason can not start. You can be among this category of people. For example, you think that learning a foreign language is a difficult or even impossible task, especially if the language has nothing to do with your native language. For example, Italian. Then how do you learn a language? There is a very convenient way to learn Italian - apps for learning Italian on your phone. Install one of the suggested applications and learn the language in your free time: when driving to or from work, when waiting for something or at lunch. Instead of sitting on social networks, you can learn Italian a little at a time and have fun!

Apps for learning Italian

Is there a universal app for learning Italian on the iPhone or Android? There are so many applications, how can I choose the best one? Let's find out what applications exist and what benefits they have.


Download for free Duolingo from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

One of the most popular learning apps. Duolingo is a free app, and it is quite possible to do without paying, as it is enough to get the basic skills in Italian. It makes it very easy to learn Italian. You don't have to listen to boring lectures and try to force yourself to learn something new - no, here is a completely different approach. Learning is done in a fun way which allows you to memorize new words more effectively and quickly improve your knowledge. You can improve all aspects: reading, speaking, writing and listening with fun exercises.

The app is suitable for beginners to learn the language as well as for experienced learners. You can start with the basics or, if you have studied Italian before and want to improve it, take a proficiency test.
The main rule of language learning is regularity. It's better to learn a little bit every day than once a week, but a lot. And Duolingo helps you remember this rule. In the application, you set a goal for yourself - how many minutes you will devote each day to learning Italian. Of course, it's up to you to choose a goal, depending on your time and abilities. If you suddenly forget to learn Italian today - you're too busy, you've forgotten, especially at first - the app will remind you of this.


Download for free Busuu from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

Another handy application is Busuu. It is designed for communication. Here you can find an Italian-speaking person out of 80 million users who can help you achieve your goal of learning Italian by communicating with you and correcting written and oral exercises. You can also teach someone your native language.
Just like Duolingo, there is a quiz to determine your level of knowledge. What else is interesting in the app?
As written above, there is practice with native speakers.

In addition, there are exercises for correct speech - the so-called production of pronunciation.
Busuu has full-fledged courses - more than 150 lessons! Rules, grammar, and examples are described for difficult cases and exceptions.

A huge advantage is that classes can be conducted offline - Internet access is not necessary at all. You can use the app out of town, on the subway, where there is no network, and so on.


Download for free Babbel from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike, as there is special learning material for different levels. Easily learn new words and useful phrases with the app. With the help of speech recognition technology you can train your Italian pronunciation and learn to perceive foreign speech by ear.
The app is paid, but the first lesson is free. The price depends on the length of the subscription. So for a 1 month subscription you pay $15.99 and a 3 month subscription costs $29.99.

A handy feature to track the process. However, there is a disadvantage in the application - there is no interface in Russian. But you can look at it from another angle: you can learn two languages at once, and then the application becomes a universal assistant - while you learn one language, you consolidate the knowledge of the second, and vice versa.

Rosetta Stone

Download for free Rosetta Stone from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

A good app that teaches you to think in a new language. What makes it happen? By connecting words to images and their surroundings. What features of Rosetta Stone can be highlighted?
There is a theoretical basis. You can tighten up grammar and vocabulary.

TruAccent® technology makes it easy to practice pronunciation. At the beginning, the app provides simple words and phrases to memorize, and as you learn, it begins to increase the complexity of the tasks and offers idioms and more complex word combinations for vocabulary acquisition. There are also special categories of words - these are business trips, business presentations, etc.

You can try the first lesson for free. The trial version is available for 3 days, after which the subscription will automatically continue. A 12-month subscription costs 109.99 $.


Download for free Nemo from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

An app exclusively for learning Italian on your phone. It helps you learn the most common words and phrases in conversation. Suitable for beginners and more experienced students because you can improve your pronunciation in the Recording Studio. This will get rid of the accent. You need to make a tape recording and compare it with the way the teacher pronounces and then repeat the exercise.

The principle of learning does not depend at all on the sequence of studying the material! You can use the app at any time, and in the evening it will remind you of what you have learned by offering to test your knowledge.

The application does not require a constant connection to the Internet, offline work is possible. You can use it at any convenient time in a place that is convenient for you.

Fun Easy Learn

Download for free Fun Easy Learn for iPhone and Android

Download Fun Easy Learn for iPhone and Android for free

Fun Easy Learn has a simple, intuitive, and elegant design. A better choice for visual learners than for those who prefer auditory learning. The free version has 6000 Italian words available from the 140 topics that are most used in Italian. Uses clear phonetic transcription, accompanying picture, translation. Three levels of difficulty and various game mechanics for language learning.



Applications - dictionaries for learning Italian words

It's worth saying right away why there is no standard Google Translate. Very big complaints about it and not only in Italian. My English teacher is also very unhappy when I use Google Translate to learn a language. I got the same feedback from my Italian teacher. But there are excellent dictionaries that deserve a place in your phone.

WordReference Dictionary

Download for free WordReference Dictionary from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

The beauty of this dictionary is that in addition to a single-valued translation, it offers several variants of translation, as well as the use of the word in different forms, conjugations and phrases. That is, the use of the word in the content. Unfortunately, or gladly, this dictionary works only online.

Oxford Italian Dictionary

Download for free Oxford Italian Dictionary from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

This monster claims to have 450,000 translations for 300,000 words, phrases and expressions. The trial version is available online, if you buy it you can download it completely to your phone and use it offline. In addition to translation, it also gives variants of word usage and synonyms of translation.

Italian Dictionary & Tran +

Download for free Italian Dictionary & Tran + from the AppStore

Apps for learning Italian on your phone

Also, one of the most used dictionaries for learning. You can not only see the variants of words in the dictionary, but also listen to the correct sound of a word. Among other things, the app has mini-games like quizzes to help you memorize words faster.

These are probably the most basic applications, completely different, with their own advantages and disadvantages, but serving one purpose: to help you learn Italian. Choose the app that suits you best, or install more than one and learn Italian quickly and easily. Good luck with your learning!

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