PhotoMath is an online calculator on your phone

The app solves formula-based math problems for you

PhotoMath is an educational app that helps you learn to solve math problems. The app will be of interest to both school and college students, as well as to those who are faced with complex mathematical calculations on a daily basis. What is it interesting and how to use it?

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Although the app is free, it has in-app purchases. PhotoMath is available in many languages, including Russian. So it won't be hard to understand the explanation for solving a particular problem.

PhotoMath is an online calculator on your phone

Speaking of assignments. You can either write them manually or take a picture of them. This is a very handy feature, because sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to rewrite the whole task. And here it's easy - you point your phone camera at the desired example (you adjust the borders of the selection area depending on whether the camera captures the image correctly; to do this you need to press and hold one finger in the lower right corner of the rectangle, and then drag the rectangle in the right direction to resize the screening window, until you get the desired scan size). The app takes a picture and gives you the correct answer. You can take several pictures in a row, the example will still be saved in the "History".

Example in the video of how the application works

What PhotoMath can do

The application is very simple. When you install it, it explains to you how to use it. But if you happen to forget something, you can click "How to use?" on the sidebar and you will see a quick tutorial that explains how to scan tasks, you can see step-by-step solutions, edit the task, and examine the graph.

What PhotoMath can do

There are only four main tabs.

"Change" (calculator) - here you have to enter a math problem. If you missed something while you were writing it down, there are special buttons that allow you to move through the task. Next to them is a button that you use to write down the next equation or task. That is, you don't have to look at the solution of the first example first to write the second, you can do this later by writing all the tasks first.

The next tab is "Camera".. It can recognize both typewritten and handwritten text. Of course, handwriting should be understandable, although print would be better. In any case, if the application does not recognize the photographed assignment correctly, you can always correct the assignment manually. Alternatively, you can scan an example from the screen, but it will take longer to process the scan than it does to recognize the photo.

The third tab is "Solution".. This is where we come to the learning curve. PhotoMath not only gives you a finished result, but also explains step by step how to solve the problem. If you care why you got the exact answer, click the down arrow next to the finished solution and study the steps of solving the example. In the same tab there is an opportunity to look at the constructed graph (if in the example it can be constructed). Not only the graph itself is built, but its data are also recorded separately: root, area of definition, intersection with the axes, etc.

PhotoMath is an online calculator on your phone

"Notebook.". This is the last tab that contains "Favorites" and "History". You can enter here to see the problem you recently solved. In "Favorites", add those examples that you will return to soon.

Who will benefit from this app

Of course, to everyone who encounters mathematical problems. But this is not necessarily school and college students. At work, with frequent calculations PhotoMath will help you quickly give out a solution. So accountants, teachers, chemists, engineers and many other professions can use the application. After all, you can not just add, subtract and multiply - perform simple actions here. No, it's not just a calculator that takes pictures. Quadratic and modal equations, exponential equations, integrals, and limits can all be solved in PhotoMath.

The app will also be useful for parents. Many have been doing this for a long time, and when your child encounters difficult problems, it can be hard to explain (or remember) how to solve a problem on the fly. Use PhotoMath to remind yourself and explain to your child the steps of solving an obscure example.

The app understands manual formula entry. Watch the video.

Pros and cons of PhotoMath

From flaws the following can be singled out:

  1. It does not always recognize the written assignment. After all, everyone has different handwriting, but even handwritten text is not always understood correctly by the app, you have to correct it. So it is better to use assignments from a book or other printed sources.
  2. Certain limitations in the solutions. The application, unfortunately, does not accept textual conditions. There is also no way to set any parameters. And not all trigonometric equations are handled by PhotoMath.
  3. The need to create a profile. However, this is not such a significant disadvantage, many applications work on this principle.
  4. Photo sound. If you are using the app in class or at a class, it is worth turning off the sound in the phone settings, as there is no sound in the app functions.

What PhotoMath can do

And what are the positive aspects is there in this math tutorial app?

  1. For example, there is a step-by-step solution to the task, not just a ready-made answer.
  2. A huge variety of tasks that the application to solve very quickly, literally in a fraction of a second.
  3. Almost never makes a mistake in the solution. The answers always add up.
  4. Everything is very simple and conveniently done. No unnecessary tabs, rationality and minimalism throughout.
  5. It works without Internet access. In the 21st century this is not essential, but it is a nice bonus: wherever you are, even on a plane or a train, you can solve examples and learn.

Although you can't solve problems with text conditions, PhotoMath is perfect for solving equations and graphing. And for learning (if you missed some topic at school and don't know how to solve it; if you studied a long time ago and have forgotten the solution steps; if you want to check yourself if you solved the problem correctly) - this is just the perfect application. Use it with pleasure!

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