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Fonbet app

The popularity of bookmakers has led to the emergence of official mobile programs of companies, through which it is convenient to bet on sports anywhere and anytime. From this article you will learn how to download Fonbet on the phone, and what benefits you get with it.

Fonbet app for Android - what is it?


The bookmaker has released a program, the functionality of which is similar to the official site. In it you can bet on the results of sporting events around the world. The main feature applications of Fonbet - The possibility to bet even if you are at work, studying, walking. The line and odds are the same as on the bookmaker's website.

It is necessary to distinguish between blue Fonbet on iPhone or Android and red Fonbet. The first one is an international company that does not have a Russian license. Therefore, its use is illegal on the territory of the Russian Federation. The red one, on the contrary, works legally in Russia. There is almost no difference between the sites and programs. Blue adds casinos, roulette and other gambling games. They are banned in Russia, so the company is not licensed to operate. Betting on all sports is available in red, so the inaccessibility of blue does not create any problems for bettors.

Below we will look at how Vonbet download free. The installation procedure is different, depending on the operating system of the device. Therefore, there are separate instructions for iPhone and Android - choose the appropriate one and follow it.

How to download Fonbet on Android

To download Fonbet for Android, make changes to the phone settings beforehand:

  • Look for the "Security" section;
  • open the "Device Administration" tab;
  • find the item responsible for allowing the installation of applications from unknown sources;
  • switch to "Allow" or "Yes".

The procedure is necessary because Fonbet for Android is not available in the official Play Market app store. The rules of the site prohibit betting companies from downloading programs for sports betting there.

After changing the settings, go to the official website of fonbet.ru and open the "Applications" section in the menu. 

Fonbet app

By clicking the download button, you will be able to download the official version of Fonbet. Apk file must be launched to start the installation. The enable icon for the program will appear next to the icons of the other applications. If you need the blue version, download it as well, but from fonbet.com. 

Fonbet app

To open it you will need a VPN. It is possible to download without VPN from the mirror fonbet.com, but it is not easy to find a working one and make sure it is official.

Do not download Fonbet Android from third-party sites or Play Market. Apps can be fake, modified by scammers to steal bettors' personal data and access their accounts

How to download Fonbet on iPhone

On an Apple device download Fonbet app easier. You don't have to change the settings beforehand. There are two ways to download, choose the most convenient:

  • Downloading from the App Store. The official app store for iPhone Fonbet is available. Search for it and install it using the standard method.
  • Downloading from the bookmaker's website. Go to Fonbet.ru and open the "Applications" section in the menu. When you click on the download button, you will be redirected to the App Store. From there official Fonbet app for free will download and install.

The program icon will automatically appear in the iPhone menu. To make bets, watch video broadcasts and read information about upcoming sporting events, you will need to register. Blue version of Fonbet for iPhone is not available.

Many sites on the Internet offer to download Fonbet appThe website is not recommended to trust third-party resources. We do not recommend trusting third-party resources. Fraudsters can modify the program, and if installed, gain access to the user's confidential data and his accounts with money. Download Fonbet on your phone only using the methods described above to secure your account in the office and funds.

Pros and cons of the mobile app

By installing Fonbet for Android or iPhone, you will get a number of benefits:

  • Fast access to betting. Wherever you are, you can pull out your phone and make a bet in a minute.
  • A wide line. All the betting available on the official site of the bookmaker company is in the program on the phone, with the same odds.
  • Video broadcasts and match center. To follow the course of sports events, you can open a live broadcast. If the Internet speed is insufficient, bettors use the match center instead of video broadcasting. Up-to-date information helps to bet in Live mode.
    Fonbet app
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds. Money is quickly credited to the account and is transferred to the balance in case of winning.
  • Betting statistics. There is a section with information about past bets, which allows you to analyze the strategy and remember how the previous games went.

There are no significant drawbacks in Fonbet's mobile program. That's why download Fonbet is recommended to all bettors who often bet through the official site. From the phone it will be faster and more convenient.

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