Autogram app - find the driver by license plate number

The Autogram app was launched in Ukraine. Through this application you can write to any registered in the application (important!) motorist, knowing only the number of his car. Isn't it cool? All you need to register in the app is a phone number and a car number. But how much demand for this service is there and is it needed at all? Let's find out.

First of all, it immediately raises the question of what the developers will do with so many car and phone numbers? Sell them on the side or use them for other purposes? The developers say no! And the numbers are hidden from other users in the system itself. You can only write to the number and the message will be sent as an SMS. All personal data in the application and correspondence is stored encrypted on servers provided by Google. Anonymity is the number one task in this application.

Download Autogram app free from the AppStore.

Autogram app - find the driver by license plate number


As is often the case, the developers were inspired to create the application by problems from personal experience. In particular, says iOS developer Peter Shpagin:

"In the spring I was walking down the street, I saw a car with a broken rear window and obvious signs of theft of things from the interior of the car. I called the police, it took a long time to find the phone number and contact the owner of the car. That's when the idea came up to make a handy app for such cases.

She tells her story Project co-founder - Sergey Gridin:

"We have an eternal problem with snow and parking spaces in winter. You come in the evening - and there's just nowhere to park. And you have to park someone and leave a sheet with a phone number. So that at 4 in the morning you were woken up and asked to make room. How much more convenient would it be to contact a neighbor in the housing estate and just agree, whose car will be leaving later, to solve these issues in advance.

This is only a small range of applications of Autogram, which can be seen with the naked eye. Let's try to dig deeper. The developers distinguish 2 directions, which their application solves.

Problem number one is information

Peter gives an example:

"Driving in traffic, in front of me was a car like mine, but with a car trunk installed. In our models, installing a trunk is quite a pain in the ass, and you need professionals in the field. I would love to contact the driver and ask him where he installed his trunk."

Problem number two - emergency

There are many instances when you need to contact the car owner in an emergency. Examples are car obstruction, car accident, theft of property from the cabin, open window, animal in the car on a hot day, light bulb burning in the cabin, car evacuation (recall that from September the parking rules in Kiev are tightened), and many other urgent issues.

In case of threats and insults from violent drivers in the Autogram application is implemented blacklist.

Of the other "features" of the application is the possibility of an emergency template message, which will come as a normal SMS-message. This slightly increases the chances of being noticed if the standard notification from the app was missed.

The developers promise a lot of useful features in the future and exit the beta test. On the way - Euro-numbers and the ability to register via Facebook, as well as an Android version.

User feedback

Cool app! I live in a new housing estate and just started installing all this app. Now I can quickly agree with a car owner that I will park him and at any time he can text me and I will come out and take the car away. No need to leave my phone number on the windshield anymore! Thanks!!!!!


Duzhe actual at the time.
Thank you for the addition and successes in development.


I have no sensors in the car about a burned-out light bulb, and I wrote some number, while I was standing in traffic, that my right brake light did not work. Thanked me, went straight to the store and bought the bulb, in the evening already both stops were working 🙂 The application helped.

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