One of the most stylish iPhone 6 concepts was unveiled

3D Future showed a concept of the iPhone 6

The company 3D Future showed the concept iPhone 6.11063On the eve of the release of new generations of i-devices very often designers prefer to create concepts of leading models of devices iPhone и iPad. The craftsmen at the company 3D Future decided to follow a different path and the other day showed a super-stylish concept iPhone 6c.11059The novelty concept is equipped with the body of the model iPhone 6which is made of polycarbonate, as in iPhone 5cand a 4.7-inch display. Note that this concept is not based on the usual information from insiders - it embodies the vision of the guys from 3D Future.11060A little earlier, experts noted that this year, the giant Applemay be to give up on the release of the iPhone 5c because of the low level of sales of the smartphone on the global market. Meanwhile, neither the company nor the insiders of known publications have not yet confirmed this information.11061

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