Rules of Life: Joni Ive - legendary Apple designer

Rules of Life: Joni Ive - legendary Apple designer

If you imagine that Apple is a human body, Tim Cook would definitely be its head and Joni Ive its soul.

The company's chief designer once followed in the footsteps of his father, who was in the silverware business and ended up taking an active part in designing teaching aids for many creative schools in Britain.

Jonathan was into mobile device design long before he started working at Apple.

One of his professors at the university recalls that when Ive was a student, he made several models of cell phones - incredibly thin, with all the necessary elements, insanely similar to modern devices.

His first job after university was designing a toilet, bidet and sink. His last was the new Apple Park headquarters.

Today, Joni Ive is one of Apple's most famous top executives. And we've chosen his most interesting thoughts on design, creativity, ideas, Apple, and goals in life that will make you look at the world around you differently.

Rules of Life: Joni Ive - legendary Apple designer

About the design:

1. "We get rid of everything we don't think is really necessary. If you can fit the functions of four buttons into one, we'll do it.

Simplify to the limit, guided only by two principles: it should facilitate the production and use of the gadget.

As you can see, this is not a pursuit of style, but a demand for utility. Apple tries to use materials, shapes, and functions in the most organic way possible."

2. "Our goal is simple objects that you can't imagine in any other way. Simplicity is not just the absence of clutter.

Understand that, and you'll get closer to the object, focus on it."

3. "Design is a way of showing that you care about the people you create products for.

I think we hold ourselves accountable for that. It's important. It's the right thing to do. It's hard to explain."

4. "When something works and works intuitively, that's what beauty is."

5. "The best ideas start with conversations. Even a small change at the beginning of the design work will lead to a completely different result at the end.

At the beginning of the process, an idea is just a thought, very fragile and exclusive. When something tangible is accomplished, everything changes. It's no longer exclusive, it's something that belongs to many people."

Rules of Life: Joni Ive - legendary Apple designer

About Creativity:

6. "Steve and I used to work for many months on the details of a product that no one had seen, no one realized that the product even existed.

There was no difference in a functional sense. We did it because we cared about it. Because when you realize how well you can do something, the imperfections, even if they are not visible to others, are perceived as a failure."

7. "What I particularly like about the creative process, though it may sound naïve, is that now you have no idea, no solution, and tomorrow it all suddenly appears.

I think it's amazing."

8. "What we do defines who we are.

People are aware of diligence and feel sloppy. It has to do with respect for each other, so sloppiness is disrespect for oneself."

9. "The good is the enemy of the great."

10. "We try to make products that in some ways seem inevitable. That leave you feeling like it's the only possible and right thing to do."

Rules of Life: Joni Ive - legendary Apple designer

About ideas:

11. "When the method of working something is above your comprehension, it kind of becomes magical."

12. "Without trying a lot of ideas and a lot of failures, you can't learn anything."

13. "You have this sinking feeling, as if having to explain the true value of something and convincing people might indicate that it's not good enough."

14. "It's sad and sad that we are surrounded by products that are indicative of a complete lack of attention.

This is an interesting property of the subject.

One product speaks better than any words about the company that produced it, its values and priorities."

15. "You have to have a deep understanding of the product so you can then find a way to get rid of those elements of it that are unnatural."

Rules of Life: Joni Ive - legendary Apple designer

About Apple:

16. "At Apple, you might say, we get excited when we notice our ignorance of something and realize, 'Wow, we have something to learn, and when we do, we'll really understand it and do something great.

Apple is as imperfect as any large group of people.

But we have a rare quality. We have an almost wordless, instinctive understanding of what we do and why we do it."

17. "I think the emotional connection to Apple products comes from feeling like we care and all the effort we put into making our products."

18. "Apple has an atmosphere of curiosity and optimism, and that's a combination you don't see very often."

19. "So many of the people we interview at Apple don't know how to make things with their own hands because workshops are expensive to equip and computers are cheaper.

It is very sad that many designers do not know how to create: design software can make even a bad idea appetizing...

People can spend four years in 3D design and never learn how to make something on their own. So those who can create something themselves have a big advantage."

20. "Getting on the Apple design team is harder than getting on the Order of the Illuminati. The reason is simple - no one leaves. In the last 15 years, not one of Apple's 18 designers has changed jobs."

Rules of Life: Joni Ive - legendary Apple designer

About goals:

21. "You don't have to be afraid of falling - if you don't stumble, then you're not trying hard enough.

80% of what we do in the studio won't work. If something isn't that good, just stop working on it."

22. "Our goals are quite simple - to design and create better products. If we can't create something better, we don't create it."

23. "Our goal is to make the best possible products. We are not naive. We believe that if we are successful and make good products, people will appreciate them. We believe that if people like our products, they will buy them.

We've figured out this sequence, and it's effective. We know what we're doing, so we'll have the money, but the money is the consequence."

24. "The thing about being different is that it's very easy, but it's very hard to be better."

25. "I was always only interested in design. I never cared about and was never good at building a business or making money."

One of the key points that can be deduced from everything written above is that money is far less important than persistence and the desire to do something well.

Financial results should not be the only goal of your life's journey. It is more important to do what people need, and to do it well.

If you succeed, there will be money, expensive cars, and everything else. But you can't make it the goal of any profession or life in general. And we believe that, too.


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