Power Rangers: Legacy Wars - review

If you watched the Japanese cartoon Power Rangers as a child, you will definitely appreciate the new game for phones with the same name. The game is full of special effects, three-dimensional graphics, bright characters that strongly resemble the real characters of the series. All of this beauty can be seen in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, downloading for free on your iOS or Android.

Download Power Rangers: Legacy Wars for iPhone и Android. The game has the Russian language.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars - review

What players can expect in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

If we talk about the stuffing and the appearance of the game, it is worth highlighting:

  • simple gameplay, the essence of which can be considered a battle arena with a variety of players who fight among themselves;
  • There are also villain bosses that must be fought in every level. To make it easier, the developers offer variations of Kanji-attacks that each of the five characters can use;
  • The control is done using the sensor, moving the player and striking with one finger;
  • The exterior design of the game is simple, but bright and pleasant;
  • In the end, it is necessary to turn one of the rangers into a real Megazord with the help of pumping on the levels;
  • It is possible to compete with players in real time, invite friends, but only if the Internet;
  • Throughout the game you need to unlock new arenas and scenes from the series;

The main feature of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is the ability to collect more than 40 rangers of the classic type, from the new series and the entire universe of the game. Then you can organize a team and fight with other players from anywhere in the world.

What players can expect in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Game types in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

A total of four types of game are offered:

  • in "Combat" you can play by yourself or invite your friends to play via the Internet;
  • In Gathering mode, you must unlock and collect all the cards, of which there are over 250. These include zords, weapons, and the rescuers themselves;
  • In "Strategy" you must also collect cards and use them in battle;
  • in "Dynamic Company" you will have to customize a deck of cards, go through battles with a single company. Prizes are given for this, you can feel like a rescuer of the city and the winner of the villains;

The game covers all seasons of the series, namely 22. New maps and characters have been added to the plot. By downloading Power Rangers for iPhone, iPad for free, you can see for yourself. Do not forget to synchronize the game with social networks, so that after logging in from other devices without losing skills, achievements and the collected deck of rangers.

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