Users of the game with "cryptocurrencies" spent more than $2.5 million in a week

Since the launch of the game CryptoKittiesIn the game, in which you have to grow virtual kittens, users have spent more than $2.5 million real money. About this testify data from Crypto Kitty Sales, a third-party site that tracks the largest deals at CryptoKitties.

In less than a week, users concluded almost 24 thousand deals, more than 19.6 thousand unique "cryptocurrencies" were sold. The average selling price is $107.23.

The game was launched on November 28, it was developed by the studio AxiomZen. Users can breed animals on their own and interact with each other by buying, selling, and exchanging digital pets. Each "cryptocat" has individual characteristics and pedigree. The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain platform and cryptocurrency.

The Next Web names CryptoKitties is a modern version of the NeoPets platform launched in 1999, where users can also buy and care for imaginary pets. Thanks to Ethereum, the game is decentralized, which protects users from losing pets if the project closes, while NeoPets keeps animals in a single database, notes TechCrunch.

The most expensive "crypto-kitten" nicknamed Genesis costs nearly 247 ethers, or $116.8 thousand as of 11:15 Moscow time. The cheapest "cryptocats" will cost 0.0010 ether, or $0.47. The cost of the pets depends on their characteristics, as well as the average price of the last five sold "cryptocoats", to which is added 50%. If there is no buyer, the price is reduced every 24 hours.


You can sell "cryptocoats" through an auction, where the starting and ending prices are set. The price goes down until someone buys a pet. AxiomZen earns a commission by charging 3.75% on every transaction on the platform except for those made directly through smart contracts. In addition, the company receives a portion of the money from the sale of kittens.

CryptoKitties now accounts for about 15% of Ethereum network traffic, TechCrunch writes. By comparison, the second most popular project on the Ethereum network, token exchange EtherDelta, accounts for 8%.


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