Users talk about... Apple Watch 4

Users talk about... Apple Watch 4

Real reviews of people who already wear the Apple Watch 4.

Apple is actively and tirelessly working on the creation of new products. More recently, the Apple Watch 4, a smart watch expected by Apple supporters, saw the light of day. Users of previous versions strongly waited for the announcement of the start of sales. The most impatient ones placed a pre-order and already had a chance to try them out. These happy owners of the Apple Watch 4 thank the manufacturer for several important points implemented in this gadget.


Many people liked the carrying case for Apple's attention to detail. The little details make using the device more pleasant and easier. This rough, pleasant to the touch case is used when transporting watches to protect against scratches. It can be easily removed, even if the gadget has a strap. Such care about the users can not help but be flattering.

Interchangeable strap

Replacement straps are a great solution for those who often change their image and style of clothing, but are not ready to part with their favorite gadget. They are available in several colors, materials and textures. A nice bonus is that the straps from the previous model fit the Apple Watch 4. Otherwise, users note, there would be no point in buying a new watch.

Users talk about... Apple Watch 4

Instant connectivity

The Smart Watch's magical iPhone connection allows quick and painless synchronization with the iPhone. It takes place immediately after you bring the watch to the gadget. Owners note that all they have to do is follow simple and clear instructions to complete the connection.

The screen got bigger

The larger screen size allows you to hit touch areas, such as numbers to dial, more clearly. Men are especially happy about the larger screen, because they don't have as graceful fingers as their fairer halves.

The water-resistant housing unties the hands of the owner. Now the gadget can be in both fire and water. Neither torrential rain, nor immersion in the pool, nor falling under a jet of water are not afraid of the smart watch from Apple.

Owners note that they manage to actively use the smart watch for 1.5-2 days. If you turn off GPS and other sensors, the battery life increases several times.

A lively new dial

The live dial simulating smoke is gorgeous and I just love it! The only downside that users note is the visibility of the frames. When the black dial is installed, the frames blend in with it and become invisible.

Users talk about... Apple Watch 4

All in all, owning the Apple Watch 4 makes users a little happier, opening up new opportunities for them, simplifying everyday tasks and emphasizing individuality.

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