A selection of Telegram channels on the topic of video: production, marketing, promotion

A selection of Telegram channels on the topic of video: production, marketing, promotion

The rapid development of the Internet, the increase in the speed of data exchange, gadgets that replace cumbersome devices for recording and editing video - gave everyone the opportunity to feel a little (and some a lot) operator, director and other previously unavailable to ordinary people professions. Now anyone can shoot a video of almost any complexity on your phone. You can see this by watching the clips on the official Apple's YouTube channel. Most of them were taken with a phone. Watch a short video about how people are passionate about videos like this, only 3 minutes. Maybe you will be inspired too 🙂


It's not hard to understand the intricacies of creating, editing, and promoting your own videos. There are a lot of programs and applications for video editing on your phone. Figuring them out is just a super task and you have to spend a lot of time. I've made a selection of Telegram feeds where people, professionals and big fans of their craft, talk in an easy and accessible way about how to create your own video, edit it and promote it on YouTube.

A selection of Telegram channels on the topic of video creation and promotion

Creating a Video

Channel "Selfmade VideoThe "video" is aimed at those who make videos for themselves, either to make money or for their families.

  • How to prepare for a vacation shoot?
  • What can mobile video editing apps do right on your phone?
  • What is the difference between a timelapse and a hyperlapse and how do I shoot them on my phone?
  • 100% authoring content from a video production professional: practical tips, case studies, reviews of useful software.
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Video Marketing

In the channel "Video Marketing"The channel contains a lot of useful information: links to articles and research, video news, infographics and inspiring video clips. The channel will be especially useful for marketers, specialists on the client and production side, as well as for everyone who follows the development of the video advertising market. Video content is rapidly gaining popularity - subscribe to keep abreast of the trends.

Youtube: creating and promoting channels

Youtubehive - Video and Youtube news, tips and tricks from a practicing Youtube marketer.

PRO YouTube - about YouTube from Sergei Pavlovich. The channel is also replete with tips and insights from one of the practicing Youtube-makers.

VIDEOSREDA ? - how to turn views into dollars and viewers into customers.

Ilya Emelyanov - who, "knows a thing or two about promoting YouTube channels."

Telegram chats about creating videos and promoting them on YouTube

Chat PRO YouTube - one of the most active chat rooms, where newcomers and pros alike hang out. The chat is based on the YouTube channel of the Belarusian blogger Sergey Pavlovich - Ludi PRO.

YouTube fire ? chat - and probably the biggest Youtube chat. It's also a lot of different people, but it's quite possible to get an answer if you have any question about promoting your channel or creating videos.

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