A selection of Telegram channels, chats and bots on SEO

A selection of Telegram channels, chats and bots on SEO

Finding anything in Telegram on the topics you want is extremely difficult due to the lack of a normal channel search in the messenger. We have assembled a small collection of SEO channels, chats, and bots that we found interesting and that we consider to be leading in the field. SEO channels are added almost every day, so if we missed a channel, add it in the comments and we'll update the post.


A channel in Telegram is an analogue of public pages.

@Topvisor is the official channel of the Topvisor search analytics service.

@seolife - a collection of news on SEO. Text broadcasts from conferences.

@runetid - calendar of IT events in Russia.

@DevakaTalk - author's compilation of news from Sergei Koksharov (Devaka), author of the devaka.ru blog.

@ShakinRu - author's compilation of news about Mikhail Shakin, author of the blog shakin.ru.

@SearchEngines - broadcasting news from searchengines.ru.

@seohr - jobs and resumes of SEO specialists.

@metod_seo - author's channel with cases and news.

@seoshmeo - news on SEO, e-commerce, CPA.

@seopraktika - notes and cases on SEO.

@KineticaAgency - useful articles about Internet marketing, debriefings and case studies. Digest every Monday. Written by @Narlie and @CaptainT.


Chat on Telegram is an analogue of groups.

@seochat is the largest chat room on SEO. At the time of publication update (03.03.2017) there are 2600+ participants in the chat room.

@ppcchat is the largest contextual advertising chat.

@searchforum - official chat forum searchengines.guru.


@ApometrBot - informs about text updates and changes in Yandex search results.

@TopvisorBot is the official technical support bot of topvisor.ru.

@ya is the official Yandex search bot.

@pic is the official Yandex bot for searching pictures. It also works in inline mode.

@ya_support - official Yandex.Webmaster support.

@Botaniobot - statistics for Telegram bots from Yandex AppMetrica.

@httpstatusbot - checks status codes and HTTP headers of a given URL.

@WhoisDomBot - who is domain information from Reg.ru.

@Payouts - Bot helps manage public super groups (chat rooms) and collects statistics. Easily create a greeting for users with markdowns and variables (first name, last name, @username, etc.) and native buttons (rules, links to your related channels, etc.). The bot has a built in chat directory and output statistics on all chats added via the /stats command. The developers also promise to launch an advertising network for chat monetization by administrators.

A selection taken from spark.ru and updated.


  1. Here's another one to add to the piggy bank: https://t.me/seodiary - Seoshnik's diary. I share my thoughts, links and experience in the field of search engine promotion.

  2. An author's selection of Telegram chats and channels for those who are into Internet marketing

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