A selection of Marvel superhero games

A selection of Marvel superhero games

Have a good time waiting for the final picture!

Marvel will soon release its latest film in the Avengers team epic. The film of the same name, Avengers: The Final Destiny, will be released on April 29, 2019 and promises to close the Infinity Saga story arc, explain who went where, and tell us if there is life after Captain America and Iron Man. There's only so much left until the premiere, and all we have to do is wait. It's a good time to spend this time in a useful way - for example, to play superhero fighting games, and there is enough of them in the App Store.

MARVEL: Battle of the Champions

First on our list and probably the most successful fighting game about superheroes from the universe of the same name. The developer is Kabam, a pretty serious organization that has had a hand in more than 70 games, and since 2015 it has specialized only in AAA titles. In fact, MARVEL: Contest of Champions was the company's best game, as Kabam made $100 million in about seven months, despite the fact that the game itself is conventionally free. The developers didn't try very hard - they made as simple fighting game as possible (even easier than Injustice, and much easier than Street Fighter, for example), spiced up the sparse gameplay with a lot of different characters and limited the playing time with energy.

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Maybe someone will be interested in the plot of the game - a certain Collector (although you should know him from his role as Guillermo del Toro in Guardians of the Galaxy) is now engaged in "collecting" superheroes around the world. They are sent to a distant planet, where they are forced to mindlessly fight each other - we will act as one of the parties, which is sort of the defenders of Earth. And according to the plot, if we win all the "colleagues in the shop", we have to be sent to Earth and sort of even erase the memory, so that no one will remember this shameful massacre. As you understand, the finale is a very (well, very) long way to go, so get ready for a long grind.

Heroes here, as you understand, are a huge number, you can win them (collect crystals for victories in the campaign and missions), or buy them for real money. The developers tried to remember almost every comic book character known to the majority of potential users, so in addition to the "pop" Avengers you can meet the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus or the Punisher. But even that's not enough - each character has his own "image": there's the classic Spider-Man, the improved Spider from Stark, Scarlet Spider, and so on. That's to make you understand - there are really a lot of superheroes, and each can be improved, so you can hang in the game for a long time.

The gameplay, as we have already said, is sparse - the usual combos, strong punch, block piercing punch and super punch. You have to go through all the missions in the campaign, which starts to get boring after the first battle. Therefore, the desire to play Battle of Champions is either due to a great desire to collect as many crystals with cool characters as possible, or the presence of a lot of free time. Or the lack of it - game sessions are short, a couple of levels why not pass, the gameplay does not require any high-game skills. Well, everything is made beautifully - a lot of effects, good detailing and a nice pool of favorite superheroes and supervillains.

MARVEL Future Fight

Another variation on the superhero theme from the company Netmarble, which seems to need no introduction. The developers moved away from pure fighting game as a genre and offered potential users the RPG format, but still with the same composition of superheroes and supervillains, whose list goes far beyond the characters we are familiar with.

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The plot here can't be retold - we recruit a team and perform the tasks set before us by S.I.T., and it's not necessary that the team consist only of superheroes or supervillains. The game is a huge number of different missions that you can perform, and there are story, and daily, and special, and each of them has its own conditions of battle and the ultimate rewards. The gameplay is much more cheerful, not unlike the previous game - after gathering the team we go to "kill" everyone we see. Each hero has a basic attack and a set of super abilities that recharge over time. Only one hero can fight, and if necessary we can switch between them during the battle, as well as call them for help. At the end of each level we get experience and rewards for hiring new characters, improving current characters, gold, and other necessary loot.

Upgrading characters is a very important process, because each of them can be improved up to 6 stars. Intuitively, we understand that the more stars - the better, so we choose the composition of our favorite characters and start fighting only them, because there is no particular difference between the characters. Although someone moves faster, someone is more powerful, and someone has a more useful ability - you can pick it up in the course of the game. So there should be someone who can mop up large waves of enemies (like Iron Man), and someone who does wild damage on a single target (we haven't found that yet) in order to fight the boss in the final round of each round.

In Marvel Future Fight you can really hang out, because you want to fight all the time, but fighting here is not stressful at all: you enter, fight your enemies, and leave. The game is designed in a cartoonish style, but it only draws you in - the battles have tons of effects, someone's head and body parts are flying everywhere (usually we chop up robots, don't worry about the 18+), fireworks of colors. All in all, a cool dynamic game, highly recommended!

MARVEL Strike Force

The last superhero game on our list, now from FoxNext Games. Here it all starts with the fact that we will have to combine the efforts of superheroes and supervillains to fight back a single enemy - Ultimus (the one we, unfortunately, do not know), but to do this we will have to complete a series of tasks, which Nick Fury gives us. In the process of completing them we will find spheres with other characters and replenish our squad, which, just like in the previous game, will consist of three people.

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The developers decided to focus on the turn-based RPG genre - our team fights soldiers and secret service troops in order to gain access to the technology or information we need. So first our team attacks, then the enemy team. The dynamics here is less, but the design of the combat is on the high level. Each ability has its own animation, the characters fight spectacularly and for a long time. The most chic is the use of joint attack, when one poor guy is beaten up by three superheroes at once, it looks very cool. But the fights are also delayed because of it.

Then the heroes, of course, will need to be pumped so that their level corresponds to the level of the game, otherwise a handful of soldiers can put us down without much effort. To do this, we use the loot dropped in the process of mopping up and keep a close eye on the status of the characters. If you want to increase the number of abilities, your character must be trained - RPG component is given a lot of attention, so please pay due attention to it.

Strike Force is a less dynamic, but more spectacular game, which is sure to please fans of turn-based RPGs. Although we, to be honest, liked Future Fight better - it's very driving!

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