A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #2

A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #2

Hi. I am the author and owner of this media magazine channel Apps4Life and the Telegram Channel @Apps4Life - useful applications for all occasions. Every month, on its last calendar day, I help young channels become a little more visible - I publish a selection of young channels on the site apps4.life with obligatory reposting on the TG channel. The trial, the December issue, went pretty well.

To be included in the selection, you need to write to me @tsegelnyk and your channel must have less than 1,000 subscribers. Young channels are being collected for February 2018. I'm waiting for your applications.

A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #2


Channel about vacancies from verified companies that are in Moscow and Moscow region. Before we release and begin to publish vacancies from this or that company, we fully check its integrity. This channel also publishes  the latest news in the field of labor and pay, and additionally 1  once a week content with the latest news for the week, what's happening in Russia. Subscribe to the channel and you will always be aware of all the news and new vacancies.


The author shares there information and practices how to develop the habit of being and staying happy, regardless of external factors and circumstances.

? "Happiness is a PRIVACY!"

@houseofrahl - House of Ralow

"Knowledge is a destination. Truth, the journey..."

English for Wizards.

  1. 5 new words / per day;
  2. selected fantasy;
  3. the author's thoughts and interesting quotes from his favorite (!) book...


The author writes a vivid description of films worth watching, avoiding pop and black movies. Blow up your box with dynamite of real cinema.


Optometrist's diary. Here's what you didn't know about your eyes, and you need to know. All about lenses and glasses. I write stories from my practice. I share my knowledge and answer your questions.


It turns out that with the word "Belarus" first of all  The words "Lukashenko," "potatoes," and "tractor" are associated with Belarus. But Belarus is also beautiful nature, interesting history, mysterious language, and many famous people who came from these lands. Read  About Belarus and Belarusians in the author's channel  tour guide with thousands of kilometers of travel and crowds of sightseers under his belt. Telegram guide "Bulbashia ONLINE".


A channel about life in Massachusetts: sights, everyday details (transportation, holidays, interviews), and the habits of the locals.


On the channel we decided to share stories about how the law meets modern technology. All the cases are real-life situations from the practice of lawyers. We also give legal advice and links to useful resources.


Channel for lovers of beautiful and cozy place, those who are not indifferent to beautiful desks, unusual approach of design, technology and comfort around.


Art and memes.


A channel for those who love beautiful photos. We talk about interesting and creative Instagram profiles.


Reviews of photo, video, text, and graphics apps. Secrets of mobile photo processing. Publication format: text+video work in the app.


We publish leaks, leaks, insiders and just interesting news from the world of technology.

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Valeriya Belka

https://t.me/patanatom - A channel about human anatomy. Narrated by a pathologist. Briefly and as much as possible about the workings of the human body

Hoody Doody

https://t.me/randomImusic - channel with my playlist, I just want to share my music that I listen to myself