A selection of young Telegram channels #8

Hi. I own an online magazine Apps4Life and the Telegram Channel @Apps4Life - useful apps for all occasions. Every last day of the month I do a selection of young channels on the site apps4.life with obligatory repost to the channel @Apps4Life.

What does it take to get into a selection of young channels?
  • Your channel must have less than 1000 subscribers;
  • The topic of your channel does not contradict common sense;
  • Obligatory repost of this selection from the channel @Apps4Life yours;
  • I can say no at any time for any reason;
  • And yes, it's free.

If everything suits you, fill out application.

The Young Channels Gathering for September 2018 is being announced. I look forward to your applications.

A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #8


Quintillions of bytes of new information are generated every day. Both by people and by machines. Most of it is either lost or lying dead, but only 0.5% is analyzed. And in vain: Big Data (and this is what we are talking about) - the Klondike of valuable business information. The channel is dedicated to news, trends, and tools for analyzing "big" data.

@psychologus - Psychologist

The channel for those who do not care about psychology in all its beauty. Lots of really interesting articles on which you spend no more than 3 hivlins of time. Also every day I publish 1 book on self-development. I will continue to be only more interesting, I am waiting for you on the channel.


Channel about soccer and a little bit about travel. The channel publishes notes on the past matches attended by the author of the channel, as well as photos and videos from the stands 🙂 🙂 ▪ The channel has a lot of information about the past matches.
And just a little bit of panoramas of different parts of different cities.


Do you like to follow Apple's new products, as well as other gadgets and devices of the high-tech world? Welcome to my channel! Here, I publish the most interesting information about all of Apple's new products and other "tasty" inventions in the period of high technology


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