A selection of young Telegram channels #5

A selection of young Telegram channels #5

Hi. I own an online magazine Apps4Life and the Telegram Channel @Apps4Life - useful apps for all occasions. Every last day of the month I do a selection of young channels on the site apps4.life with obligatory repost to the channel @Apps4Life.

What does it take to get into a selection of young channels?
  • Your channel must have less than 1000 subscribers;
  • The topic of your channel does not contradict common sense;
  • Be sure to repost the post about this selection from the @Apps4Life channel to yours;
  • I can say no at any time for any reason.

If that works for you, email me. @tsegelnyk.

The Young Channels Gathering for May 2018 is being announced. I look forward to your applications.

A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #5


Mood Board Picker - a channel for finding inspiration. Trends and extraordinary solutions in design and graphics - illustration, packaging design, art objects, web design and advertising.


Channel about earning cryptocurrency without investing! Only selected AIRDROP passed ANTI-SCAM verification! Join and earn with us!


We write about coins that fly to the moon.

An overview of the most promising projects in the cryptoindustry in plain and simple language.


The channel is dedicated to the rare ability to think. The author publishes articles on philosophy and physics, while also talking about various scientific fields.

Beautiful design and quality presentation, author's articles and recommended resources.


Blog of a repair shop for phones, tablets, laptops with a daily review.
Examples of recovery, small business experience, and experiments in promoting a telegram channel are discussed.

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