A selection of young Telegram channels #4

A selection of young Telegram channels #4

Hi. I am the author and owner of the magazine channel Apps4Life and the Telegram Channel @Apps4Life - useful applications for all occasions. Every month, on its last calendar day, I help young channels become more visible - I publish a selection of young channels on the website apps4.life with a mandatory repost to TG channelWhat do I need to get into the selection of young channels? Your channel must have less than 1000 subscribers. If so, write me @tsegelnyk. A collection of young channels for April 2018 is being announced. I'm waiting for your applications.I would be grateful if you could share this selection in your Telegram channels.

A selection of young Telegram channels. Issue #4

Coon-Misanthrope Blog

Author's channel of one of the admins of a notorious publicity group A community of tedious old misanthropes Facebook. On this channel you will find philosophical and misanthropic longreads diluted with sarcastic humor and pictures of raccoons. In addition, the Society has two other channels. main и English-language.


An author's channel about advertising on Facebook. Useful articles for beginners. Your own cases, thoughts, tutorials. Problems and solutions in Facebook advertising! Reaching volumes and much more! Follow this channel to learn all about Facebook advertising!


A channel dedicated to the official mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

The latest news, translations of settings and instructions, help to install on mobile devices. As there is its own discord channel, where you can always find partners for the game. Join in!


The channel is dedicated to programming, touching at the same time the most different areas of IT. Beautiful and high-quality design of posts, its own library, a selection of books, videos and other materials!


Cozy Coffee House channel. We publish there interesting stories, stories, thoughts, and also beautiful photos and atmospheric music)) All the texts are our own, but we are happy to publish the stories of our readers. We try to choose good music, and photos in tone with the stories.

We wanted to create the atmosphere of a quiet Coffee House somewhere in the center of a small town, where you can come and sit with a cup of good tea. A place you want to look into for inspiration!


The channel is dedicated to the study of concept art and 2D graphics.

Here you can find everything you need for the novice and already advanced concept artist.


An author's channel about how inexpensive it is to learn English (and other foreign languages) abroad. Now an overwhelming number of offers to learn English revolve around England or Ireland. But the prices there are unaffordable!  In what countries is cheaper to go to get the language, how to choose courses, accommodation, what to look out for, tells the author of the channel. She herself for many years is engaged in organizing education abroad, not once she sent her children to language camps abroad. Therefore, to get valuable information from the language pro will be not only interesting, but also useful to anyone who is planning to give up the rest of the "all-inclusive"!


One fact about SMM and Internet marketing every day.

It's worth signing up for because:

  1. All the facts are written by experts.
  2. Gamification of the process and general knowledge statistics.
  3. Total minimalism, both in text and in presentation.

It's the best way to check yourself every day, and to learn without leaving the telegram.


Channel for marketers, business owners and managers.

The channel has daily selections of books, materials and trainings from marketing director Elena Potienko:

  • techniques and models;
  • cases;
  • checklists;
  • strategies and tactics;
  • answers to readers' questions;
  • personal "chips" from years of experience.


Our channel about new manicures and pedicures. This is another convenient way for you to communicate with our masters. We answer questions online, share information about promotions. Any of your questions will be immediately answered by our masters, and to do this you do not need to go to the website or page in social networks. Just write a message in our channel chat. And gossip a little about life.


A channel for creativity and inspiration. Works by artists from all sorts of resources, replenished every day.


Here you'll find out what missteps authors, directors, restaurant owners, and exhibition organizers have made.  And you can also broaden your horizons a little bit by watching "good" short films.


The essence of the channel: sports betting strategies, and the task of the channel is not to  to predict various winning outcomes and promise unrealistic profits and revenues from it, and the goal is to analyze, test drive each betting strategy separately. Every year the activity on the bookmaker market grows with great intensity, people do not understand the whole essence of sports betting and consider themselves forecasters and put on false tempting offers from cappers, imaginary super passable strategies. My task is to show that if there is an opportunity to earn not a stroke, and at least some money, it should be substantiated and proven by facts, which I will forward to my channel, if the strategy works, it will be seen that it works, if not,  it means no.


A channel about what celebrities wear, as well as links to online stores in the U.S. and Europe, where you can buy the things you like. Everyday  Bows, official outings, and interesting facts about celebrity closets.


Unconventional reflections on art, life choices, and relationships with people.


A channel for those who love to travel. The most beautiful places on the planet, tips and tricks, useful articles and tips, as well as current news.


Telegram dating. Bot Roman will help you in filling out your profile, and let luck smile on you in finding your soulmate, friends, company, or hitchhikers!

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