A selection of young Telegram channels #11

Video of soccer goals, interesting channels with pictures, a lawyer about productivity and about Girona

Hi. As of this release, I am no longer accepting channels related to earning money: privateering, betting, gambling and other nonsense. Such channels live exactly "a couple of days" plus they do not do any good to the world and people. The rest of the channels are still welcome, conditions and application for at.

Young Telegram Channels. Issue #11 - March-April 2019

Video review of goals - @obzorvideogolov

Video Review of LIVE Goals
English Championship???????
The German Championship?
Championship of Spain?
Championship of Italy?
Championship of France?
And much more ⚽

Girona is inspiring - @gironaemociona

If you need help in opening an account in a Spanish bank, you want to get a nie, are thinking about buying real estate or already have real estate and you need a personal assistant or business manager, you can safely contact me. In addition, I will help you with all the formalities of admission to a Spanish university, I will do translation or interpretation (accompaniment service to the authorities). If you want to learn Spanish, I will hold individual and group lessons via Skype.

Exotic rams exhibition - @Vistavkaekzoticheskihbaranov

On my channel I publish mostly fresh stuff about strange people and their strange, bad, inconsequential actions. Anyway, as it is clear from the name of the channel, the whole "exhibition of exotic sheep". )))) Materials are taken from various sources, telegram channels, social networks, news channels. Also funny stories and videos

tasty publique - @deliciouspublic

Juicy pictures ???
I want to pass my mood, and share my saves ?

KinoGourmet @KinoGurmanTV

On this channel you will find all the most interesting things from the world of movies and TV series, namely news, articles, reviews, quotes and other goodies.

Lover of the Obscure @deadpictures

This channel is a large number of pictures, which is replenished every day. Pictures are mostly on emotions, I as the creator, this group really like

Law & Productivity - @lawandproductivity

Author's lawyer Dmitry Tkachenko.
Every day I pass through a huge amount of information in the field of law and productivity. Here I share the most interesting and useful.
My mission is to help people raise their level of legal awareness and understanding of their rights in this or that situation. And also to share personal efficiency tips.

Online store "Luxurious" - @wwwluxuriouscomua

Find your style with us! Store brand clothing and accessories at a great price

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