Why Macs? Apple answers. 4 videos - Why people choose a Mac

Why Macs? Apple answers. 4 videos - Why people choose a Mac

Apple products are expensive. More expensive than any similar non-Apple device. That's why people often ask - why Macs? Why Apple? Why iPhone? What is so magical about them that you have to pay a lot of money to get a very beautiful, but still a piece of metal and plastic? Apple's marketers have prepared a decent answer. I suppose this could be the start of a whole series of videos.

Apple has posted four videos showing how people in different professions use Macs. About how you can use a Mac for almost any computer-related activity.

Why do people choose a Mac?

The famous photographer Bruce Hall (his photos are in the collection of the Library of Congress), he can't see well. He uses Mac features for people who are visually impaired. And he can see. He sees things he didn't see before and it has changed his life.



Grimes, a girl composer, uses the MacBook to write music. She says that with a Mac she doesn't need a professional studio, that the MacBook completely replaces expensive equipment. And anyone can do it, it's easy. She says working on a track takes place entirely on the Mac, from start to finish.



Peter Kariuki of Rwanda, Africa, digs into how Africa's roads are very dangerous. And every ride there is unsafe. He came up with the SafeMotos app, which makes life safer for motorcyclists, they get help from other motorcycle riders. It's all done with a Macbook. Peter is thrilled that he can create any app with code on a Mac. It inspires him. How you can quickly go from idea to implementation.



The fourth video is a beautiful piece of music that shows how people from different professions use MacBooks at work.



As I was typing and writing this article, I remembered my way to the MacBook, as well as that of my friends.

For me, these gadgets from Apple were something magical and fantastic, and possessing them was like possessing an artifact of immortality at least. Turns out it's not all that scary. They're really handy. They're just made for working on them, relaxing and being productive. I really fell in love with the Mac. It was love at first sight.

Why did you choose a Mac? Tell me in the comments. I'll add the best stories to the article.

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