What criteria to choose Kingston HyperX headphones

Kingston HyperX headphones are designed to be used together with different gadgets. They can be connected to cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktop gaming computers and some varieties of gaming consoles. Choose "ears" from a popular American brand according to 5 criteria.

Variety of headphones

Models are divided by size into small and large. The former are in-canal and earmolds. The latter are over-the-ear and full-size. There are more of them in the range, because they are more in demand among gamers.

When choosing, it is worth considering the purpose of use:

  • For listening to music and watching videos in transportation, on the street, and at home, it is best to choose miniature earmolds. They weigh very little and are easy to remove.
  • For games or live broadcasts, over-the-ear devices are suitable. They "cover" the ear cup and allow you to avoid distractions from the outside.

Connection method

Depending on the method of connection to the sound source, there are such devices:

  • wired,
  • wireless,
  • combined.

Corded headphones do not depend on wireless interfaces. They can continuously play audio for any amount of time. Main advantages: clear and high-quality sound, stability. Cons:

  • Limited range (the distance from your smartphone, PC or player cannot exceed the length of the wire);
  • risk of failure due to damaged cord.

Wireless models are mostly connected via Bluetooth. They do not hinder the movement, look attractive, are characterized by durability. Their disadvantage is that the continuous operation time depends on the power capacity of the built-in battery.

Combination "ears" can be connected in two ways. They combine the advantages of both corded and non-wire devices.

Presence of a microphone

Do you need your headphones only for listening to audio? You don't need to bother with additional functions. In particular, the microphone can be dispensed with. It does not take part in the playback of sounds (songs, audio messages).

A headset should be preferred if plans are in the works:

  • passing through team computer games;
  • Streaming organization;
  • Recording entertainment videos for Youtube and other platforms;
  • communication over the phone.

Active Noise Reduction

The presence of a powerful built-in noise-modifier is a mandatory requirement for headphones used for such purposes:

  • Gameplay. The noise cancellation system "cuts off" external sounds and allows you to notice even the quietest actions of your opponents.
  • Business negotiations. External noise may interfere if serious business matters are to be discussed.
  • Long journeys. Headphones are a convenient alternative to earplugs on the train, plane or car.


For everyday life, you can choose headphones that look as neutral as possible. Minimalist appearance is a significant advantage. Thanks to this feature, the owner of the headphones does not stand out from the crowd and does not attract unnecessary attention.

In a set with a gaming laptop or PC it is advisable to take "ears" with an interesting design. They will help you create an optimal gaming atmosphere.

Another important parameter of choice is cost. It is better not to spare money on Kingston HyperX headphones. As a rule, the higher the price, the more cool features the model has.

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