Plinko game: where to play for money?

For more than 30 years, the gambling game Plinko has thrilled gambling fans from around the world. The entertainment is based on the popular show "The Price is Right", which has been broadcast on American TV channels since 1983.

Today, everyone can play Plinko online. Online slot is available in casinos since 2019, when the provider Bgaming first released the novelty to the gambling market. Also the machine with similar rules presented vendors Spribe, Stake and XY. Entertainment is available for free and for money on all types of devices.

🎰 Name:  Plinko
🎮 RTP:  99%
🎲 Features:  Bonus Game
💻 Devices: tablet, mobile
💸 Min. Rate: $ 0,10

Plinko game has simple rules and huge winning potential. Entertainment has many variations. Each developer is trying to surprise fans of gambling special chips and unique features. Plinko game for money guarantees generous winnings.

The rules of the slot are the same everywhere. Below is a detailed review of the original machine, which is available at online casinos for free and for money.

Plinko game
Plinko game


Developer Bgaming
Date of issue 2019
Maximum multiplier х1 000
Rate 1-100 dollars
Demo mode Yes
Technology JS, HTML5
RTP 97%-99%

Rules of the game Plinko

The Plinko game plot is based on a popular American show popular at the end of the last century. In the TV show you could win by guessing the price of the product. The online game uses a similar principle. The gambler has to guess the height of the pyramid and start the movement of the ball. The win depends on where the ball was. The greater the distance from the center, the higher the winnings. All cells have their own multiplier, so it is impossible to lose here.

Additionally, the pins are divided by colors. For example, green is characterized by minimal volatility. The player will not lose the whole amount, but the winnings will be minimal. Maximum prizes await the gamblers, if the ball hits the red pin.

Game Levels:

  1. Green is the easiest. The chance of losing is zero. The minimum coefficient is 0.5. In the worst case, the player will lose half of his bet.
  2. Orange - the average level. The minimum coefficient is 0.2. Just like in the previous case, it is impossible to lose all the money here.
  3. Red is the most difficult and risky. The minimum multiplier is 0. The player can lose all his bet. However, the probability of getting the maximum prize here is quite high.

The size of the reward also depends on the amount invested in the game. Beginners are not recommended to make large bets at once. The farther the cells are from the center, the more solid the reward. Algorithm of the game:

  • choose the number of rows - 8-16;
  • determine the level of volatility - one of 3;
  • Specify the size of the bet - 0.10-100 dollars;
  • click "Play".

Users are available in automatic mode - 10-1,000 rounds. The duration of one spin is up to 10 seconds.

Plinko - game interface

Online slot has a discreet design. The playing field is made in monochrome blue. There are no bright elements and animations. This allows you to focus on the game. The gameplay is accompanied by a rousing melody. When the ball overcomes an obstacle, players will hear the "Plink" sound, for which the game got its name. The audio can be turned off if desired.

The interface Plinko casino will be understandable even to beginners. In the center of the screen is a pyramid with cells on which the balls move. Also on the playing field you can see the history of bets:

  • balloon launch time;
  • attachment size;
  • payout percentages;
  • balance.

The control panel is at the very bottom. The level of risk is determined by the buttons High, Normal and Low. You can set the bet manually or set it by pressing Min/Max. "Play" starts the round. Activation of the manual control is "Manual", the automatic mode is "Auto".

Plinko play
Plinko play

Plinko game types

There are several variations of Plinko casino. They all differ in design, but the overall concept is the same. For example, the provider Smartsoft introduced slot Plinko X. This vendor developed the famous slot JetX.

The developers have given the machine bright and colorful graphics. At the top of the screen is a drum, as a result of the rotation of which falls a ball of one color - red, pink or yellow. Pink ball brings a minimum payout. Yellow will increase the reward by 5 times, and red by 10.

Plinko Stake

In addition to Plinko casino is offered to play a similar slot developed by the provider Stake. The player has to choose one of the 14 cells, as well as the color - green or red. The maximum bet increase is x353. The biggest reward is brought by red balls. The player has to guess where the ball will fall. If the answer is correct, the user is awarded freespins.

On the playing field of Plinko Stake you can set a certain number of pins - 12, 14, 16. The more significant this value is, the higher the risk of making a wrong prediction, but there are more big multipliers.

Plinko Spribe

Spribe released the simulator in 2021. Plinko can be played on any device. The payoff is 97%. The maximum multiplier is x555.

Plinko BGaming

This type of popular game entered the market in 2019. The bet ranges from $1 to $100. The maximum multiplier is x1,000. It is offered to play the machine for free and for money. A feature of the simulator is a minimalistic design and simple gameplay. Even beginners will quickly get to grips with the rules.

Users need to choose the number of lines - 8-16 and the volatility index. The size of the reward depends on this. The more insignificant the degree of risk, the smaller the reward. Also prizes depend on the number of selected lines. The less rows, the more insignificant accrual. Also offer to get acquainted with Plinko XY. This is another variation of the popular game, which was released by BGaming.

Plinko XY

The machine was released in 2022. The payoff of the slot is 99%. Bet ranges from 1 to 100 c.u. The maximum winnings are x15. On the screen of the simulator you can see a pyramid with obstacles. The ball falls from the top and lands in one of the five cells. Each pocket is assigned a certain multiplier. There are positive and negative multipliers.

The game has 8-16 lines, as well as 3 levels of risk. The player has to set the bet size and start the movement of the ball. There are manual and automatic modes. The further away from the center, the higher the multipliers. On the screen you can also see a table with the results of past rounds. Its analysis will allow to develop a strategy.

If you play at Plinko 1win you can get a nice bonus from the institution up to 500% for depositing, as well as cashback up to 30%. The incentive will allow you to play more money with a minimum deposit and win more often.

Plinko types of games
Plinko types of games

Which casinos to play Plinko for money

To play Plinko for money you need to choose an online casino. Many popular gambling establishments offer users this unique entertainment. Before playing Plinko for money, it is recommended to study the advantages and disadvantages of the casino. What to pay attention to:

  • availability of a license;
  • ways to deposit and withdraw funds, including Plinko crypto;
  • bonus program;
  • the need for verification;
  • limits and terms of withdrawal of winnings;
  • range of entertainment;
  • Availability of a live section;
  • game certification and providers;
  • user feedback.

In online casino Plinko offered to play for money and free. Demo mode is available without registration. Enough to choose a gambling establishment, log in, find the right game and activate. Chips for betting will be charged immediately automatically. If they run out, just refresh the page with the slot.

Plinko 1win

Plinko casino official site has more than 3,000 gambling entertainment. Simulators are sorted by release date, popularity and type. Favorite machines can be added to favorites.

In the range of online casino only licensed games from well-known providers. There is a section with live tables, where the gameplay is supervised by real dealers. For new players there is a deposit bonus up to 300%. Regular customers get up to 30% cashback.

You can find the game Stake Plinko on the official casino website in the "Games" section. After entering this block you need to open "Other games". The simulator is available for free and for money.


Casino Plinko Pin Up has gained popularity due to the unique atmosphere and a huge selection of licensed slots. The institution has been operating since 2016. Here are available more than 2,000 different models of slot machines, as well as card and table entertainment.

Of particular interest to users is the game Plinko. She conquered gamblers honesty and reliability of each round. The outcome depends only on the MSG. The payoff is from 99%, which guarantees frequent and high winnings. Plinko casino game is available on PC and mobile device.

The gambling establishment offers users a chic bonus program. For newcomers there are financial rewards for making a deposit and 250 freespins. Regular customers receive birthday gifts, can participate in tournaments and promotions.

Plinko GGBet

In the online casino GGBet can play in two modes, free without registration and for money. Each round is a winning round. However, if the ball hits a cell with the odds below one, the player will get the winnings less than the bet.

Bonus policy GGBet - one of the reasons why fans of gambling choose a gambling establishment to play in Plinko 3d.

  1. Bonus at registration and for making a deposit. Available to new players and regular players. If the wagering conditions are unacceptable, the gambler can refuse to accrue the bonus.
  2. Cashback. This is a return of part of the lost funds. The percentage is determined depending on the amount lost. A wager is also provided for cashback.
  3. Regular tournaments and promotions with large prizes. To participate you only need to play for money in the slots specified in the rules. Plinko can be included in the list of slots involved.
Plinko demo game
Plinko demo game

Plinko Demo version of the slot machine

All developers have provided the opportunity to play in Plinko for free. This means that the player will be betting chips received from the casino. The gameplay is not different from the paid one. However, the resulting winnings cannot be cashed out. Registration to play in the demo is not required. Advantages of free gambling 1win Plinko:

  • prospect to test strategies and choose the best one;
  • a chance to get acquainted with the rules of the machine without the risk of losing your money;
  • the opportunity to gain experience, to pick up the size of the bet;
  • a good time at a gambling and exciting game with no financial obligations.

Also in Plinko demo the user has the opportunity to check how the automatic mode works. After the user has set the settings, he will only have to watch how his bankroll grows.

How to download the mobile version of the game Plinko

Plinko 1win can be downloaded separately and together with the casino software. The game is supported by all existing types of devices with Android, Windows, iOS.

By downloading the game file to their device, users can play only for chips. This is a great opportunity to get access to entertainment if there is no connection to the network-Internet. To have a chance for real winnings should download the application online casino. The program is presented on the official website of the gambling establishment for free. Entering the mobile casino players will find in the range of Plinko casino 1win. On devices with iOS download is possible from the store UpStore. Download the program from unknown sources is not recommended.

Plinko game strategy
Plinko game strategy

Plinko strategies: how to win

The main goal of the player is to get the winnings. To do this you need to save and increase the available bankroll. Recommendations from experienced gamblers:

  • choose the type of game with the maximum return rate;
  • play only in licensed casinos with a good reputation;
  • Choose the right strategy by testing it in the demo beforehand;
  • play by the bankroll;
  • get acquainted with the game and gain experience by playing for free;
  • Agree to bonuses from online casinos and participate in promotions.

In addition to the well-known strategies of Martingale, Laboucher, D'Alambera, etc. Plinko game has a number of specific techniques. Gamblers need to remember that no strategy gives 100% a guarantee of winning. Using a technique only increases the chances of making a profit.

  1. Low risk. For cautious players and beginners. Users make small bets, with a guaranteed winnings. There is no chance of losing the entire investment.
  2. The average risk. The player often changes the betting rate, the number of cells and the degree of risk. After getting a big win the invested amount is reduced to the minimum and gradually increases again.
  3. High risk. Each time in the final round of Plinko gambling falls odds below 2, the user doubles his bet. When the multiplier reaches the right value, the gambler gets his bet back and all the money lost earlier.

To understand what strategy will be the most effective and convenient, it is proposed to try each for free casino chips.


Those who still have questions can ask the operator of the technical support of the casino selected to play. Previously recommended to get acquainted with the FAQ's. Also, before you play Plinko for money, you should activate the machine in the demo.

Can I play Plinko for free?
What is the minimum bet in the game Plinko online?
Is it safe to play Plinko?
Where can I play Plinko online?
Is it possible to download Plinko 1win to my cell phone?
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Can I play Plinko for free?
Yes, the simulator is available in demo mode without registration. Plinko game for money is allowed only after creating an online casino account and funding.
What is the minimum bet in the game Plinko online?
The minimum investment is 0.10 cents. In the free game Plinko bets are accepted in the form of chips.
Is it safe to play Plinko?
The game implements a problie fire system. Also, the result depends on the SGS. It is impossible to influence the settings of casino Plinko.
Where can I play Plinko online?
Find the game Plinko can be found in popular licensed online casinos. Recommended gaming platforms - PinUp, 1win, GGBet. Here is the original game Plinko with a high percentage return and excellent winning potential, fair payouts and generous bonuses.
Is it possible to download Plinko 1win to my cell phone?
To play in Plinko play online for money on a mobile device need to download the application online casino. Simulator is adapted for devices with Android and iOS.