Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: The best passing decks, tips

Now all fans of Plants vs. Zombies can enjoy an additional card game from the creators, which is called Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and is considered no less popular than Plants vs. Zombies. Its special feature is that players do not interact with the usual cards, but only with collectible cards, of which there are more than 200. Each card has its own features, skills, value and superpowers.

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Decks and tips for passing

Pay attention not only to the decks, but also to the lanes, of which you will have five in the game, as well as the opponent. Initially you need to spend brains or sun to place a card, then the battle begins and the one whose strength was greater wins. All defeated cards disappear from the field. Remember that each line of card placement offers different advantages. So on the elevated ones there are sometimes bonuses, and on the underwater ones only the best card decks with amphibious abilities can be fought. If you have doubts about card placement, it's better to place a card on top and see what your opponent's icon will light up on top.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: The best passing decks, tricks and tips

What do I need to know about superpowers?

Before choosing a hero, it's best to see what cards he can wield, as two of the five classes are given, with four abilities (but only one unique). A super-block function is also given, with which you can block any attack. Next comes the super-power card, but you can only use it for free when you get it, and later you'll have to pay resources. That said, the super-power for plants in the best deck to pass is such:

  • Green Shadow - Apt Archery;
  • Solar Flare is a sunburn;
  • Wall-Knight - stamina, when no one can deal damage to the hero;
  • Chompzilla is a zombie eater;
  • Spudow is a potato bomb;
  • Citron - protection for plants;
  • Rose makes a goat out of any zombie;
  • When it comes to zombie maps and features, though, it's:
  • Super Brainz - teleports zombies to another location;
  • The Smash - destroys any plant;
  • Impfinity - creating clones with amphibious capabilities;
  • Electric Boogaloo - protects the hero, strikes twice;
  • Professor Brainstorm gives out three cards from the deck;
  • Immorticia - the help of a witch;
  • Neptuna - the creation of the octopus;

Improving the deck

Almost every hero deck you receive is already good, but it can be upgraded. Premium card packs must be purchased for crystals, as rare ones are not included in the standard set. To modify, you need to go to Collection, and then to Decks, but remember that you should not change cards with a surcharge from resources at the beginning of the game, because then it is impossible to use them.

The qualities of the cards are as follows:

  • Afterlife - after destroying it, you can continue to use it;
  • Amphibious - effective on land and in water;
  • Armored - reduces damage;
  • Bounce - always returns to the owner;
  • Freeze - zombies skip their turn;
  • Splash Damage - deals damage to neighboring zombies;
  • Team-Up - two plants are included in the attack at once;

You can get new cards for the deck for crystals, and for this you need to participate in quests, battles, invite friends through social networks. Only then you will assemble an invincible combination that can resist zombies or plants. Do not forget about the rating, because for each victory you can get two stars, but from level 10 you will lose one if you lose.

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