Plants vs. Zombies 2: The Addictive Game

If you have previously played Plants vs. Zombies (Plants vs. Zombies), then you know the basics of the sequel Plants vs. Zombies 2Grow plants to defend yourself against raids by vile zombies eager to taste your sweet brains. The game features many of the classic plants, but instead of fighting around the house, you go on a journey through time and space.There are also new maps - Ancient Egypt, Wild West, and Pirate Seas. For example, on the Pirate Seas map, zombie pirates seek to take over your ship. And in the Wild West, the player encounters hordes of horrible monsters on the railroad tracks. By the way, the appearance of zombies changes in each new world, and many of them are really impressive.PVZ2-2-610x457Plants in the second part Plants vs. Zombies You will not be disappointed either. For example, Bonk Choy, who is limited in action, but can be amazingly destructive because of the protective fence. Or the Lightning Reed, which scatters lightning around itself, penetrating the ranks of zombies. It's not a great way against a single enemy, but against a crowd it can be very effective.PVZ2-5-610x457The arsenal has been expanded with the appearance of fertilizers. Useful plant hormones are collected as you progress through the levels, and can be stored for as long as you wish to use them. As soon as the zombies are on the prowl, you inject the plant with these hormones and that's it: you're now ready for a powerful attack. The presence of fertilizer determines additional tactics: you need to familiarize yourself with the abilities of each fertilizer, because improper use can lead to defeat.Just like in the first part, there is no right or wrong way to play in the sequel, which allows you to feel a superior sense of freedom in your zombie killing strategy. Maybe you like to build defenses as early as possible, slowly but steadily building up your arsenal, or you prefer to save a lot of solar energy and use easy tactics in your first battles, thereby ensuring your strength for the future. But keep in mind that you should adjust your tactics at each level depending on the zombies and the rules of the game, which means that you only have to use the arsenal available at a certain level.PVZ2-18-610x457Storyline Plants vs. Zombies 2 also deserves praise. Levels are done in many different ways: Some require you to pick up symbols to destroy zombies, or to plan your defense on 100% before the enemies launch an attack. Others modify the rules slightly, limiting you to a certain set of plants, the amount of solar energy, forcing you to use a certain number of plants at one time, or defending against a certain number of zombies in a certain amount of time. Most levels will take you by surprise, creating spontaneous combinations.Universe-View-610x457Plants vs. Zombies 2 - is a free-to-play game that offers the purchase of valuable in-game coins (which you can slowly earn at a discounted rate or buy with real money) for three new ways to destroy your enemies: fry them to the ground, chop off their heads, or throw them off the screen. Each of these ways lets you literally buy your way to victory. But we want to play and win, so you can turn these options off and enjoy the great challenges that Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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