Pivots: a new number game for iPhone

Pivots is a new numerical game for iPhone, where you use math to fight against the clock

Pivots - is a new number game for iPhonewhere you use mathematics to fight against the clock. The challenge is Pivots is to add rows and columns up to 15 before time runs out, with the game allowing you to change the board in order to reach the goal.To change the board in PivotsYou must rotate the 2×2 squares to rearrange the numbers in a particular row or column. Each time you successfully assemble a row or column up to number 15, you earn points and put the time back on the clock. If you make the wrong moves, you lose precious time.If you are successful in Pivots, you move on to new, faster levels.Pivots is distributed for free, but to turn off the game's ads, you must pay $1.99.Download Pivots

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