Phantomgate - One Valkyrie's Journey

Phantomgate - The Journey of a Valkyrie

You'd be surprised, but here One is bad.

Scandinavian mythology is incredibly popular, and it is likely to rank second in popularity worldwide - the first place should still be given to the Greek. However, this does not prevent the characters from appearing outside of myths and legends, just look at the participation of the most famous gods in comics and Marvel movies, for example. Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie - Another game with Scandinavian gods and Valkyries in leading roles.

The plot of Phantomgate begins with Odin not liking the fact that his Valkyrie named Renate had a daughter. He demanded that the child be given to him, was refused and "sicced" his son Thor on the entire Valkyries, who fought desperately, but still fell to the onslaught of Mjolnir. True, Odin did not kill Renate herself, but imprisoned her in a dungeon - the Sentinel, who intervened in the battle in time, was tasked by the Valkyrie to shelter her daughter Astrid from Odin and, as it turns out, fulfilled this request. Now the Sentinel teaches Astrid everything she knows - how to fight her enemies, save worlds, and travel between them. This is when we begin exploring Midgard - the Sentinel has told Astrid that her mother is alive, and now the young Valkyrie has a purpose in life.

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Company Netmarble, the developer of Phantomgate, in the market of game developers is a real old-timer, which, incidentally, produces good games like Marvel Future Fight. And here the developers did not work in one genre, and made an unexpected mixture of platformer, fighting game and RPG - similar games on the market we have not seen yet. Despite the interesting gameplay, some users have noted the weak graphics - they berate Phantomgate for the low quality of polygons, poor detail and weak animation. Of course, this is a subjective opinion, because the picture reminds more of Banner Saga, but the quality of the image could be better. However, you shouldn't scold the graphics - in general, the picture looks lush and pleasant, and few people pay attention to the mouth movements.

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With the basic gameplay here it's hard to figure out - Astrid, along with her phantom friends, travels to different worlds and collects stones. This part of the gameplay looks like a 2D platformer - the character moves around the location and performs certain actions with objects. Once she encounters phantoms - evil spirits - she must defeat them to cleanse the phantom of the filth, and then it can even join your team (but usually it's limited to finding shards from which the phantom is then assembled). The process of battle is designed as a fighting game, and a full-fledged - each character has a reserve of mana and different types of attacks, which either do not cost any mana, or some of it will have to be spent. Some phantoms can give different buffs to the characters instead of the attack, that's up to you to decide what kind of magic you should use at the moment. In our free time we can upgrade Astrid and her phantoms, improve their characteristics and attack - that's the RPG component. So behind a seemingly simple game is a versatile product, which you'll have to try to figure out the first time.

As tips for Phantomgate we can offer the following:

- Constantly improve the level of your phantoms as soon as possible. In addition to Astrid herself and her assistant, you can recruit several other phantoms with unique stats and characteristics. What's more, the phantoms deal bonus damage to each other on a rock-paper-scissors basis, only here the traditional Water > Fire > Air > Earth are used. This should be used in combat to clean up locations faster.

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- Use the buffs/debuffs orbs correctly. In general, during a fight balls will fall from the sky, which give certain buffs or debuffs to the character of your choice. So, at the top of the screen there is a scale that shows in what order which character will attack. Your task is to correctly distribute these orbs so that the attack orb hits the one who will hit, and, for example, the defense orb should go to the one who will tank the damage (which, as a rule, is the closest target to the enemy).

- Don't forget to visit Phantomheim. The fact is that many levels consist of two parts, but just in between you have the opportunity to either continue your journey or go to the base. There you can pump up the characters, for example, and just this improvement can be the key in the next round. So take the opportunity to visit the base during the breaks.

To be honest, Phantomgate leaves only positive emotions - the game is very atmospheric, especially if you play with music. Well, psychologically I want to finish the game to reunite the family, and Odin to punish for his unlawfulness, but it will happen very soon, thankfully the game allows you to swing without donation. So recommend it, Phantomgate is a cool title!

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