First Day of F8: A Short Digest of Key Messages

First Day of F8: A Short Digest of Key Messages

On May 1 in San Jose, the international company Facebook opened its own annual two-day conference for developers. F8. The first day, as usual, had a lot of announcements, we will tell only the most interesting of them. But we are waiting for the second day - there are usually the sweetest things.

- The most interesting announcementFacebook is introducing a History Cleanup feature.

Users will be able to delete data on their app installs and site visits - which cannot but affect Facebook Analytics and Facebook Ads. This is expected to make the user experience on the platform less personalized:

- The announcement received even more attention. Built-in dating functionality using Facebook profiles:

- Messenger will begin to implement automatic translation of messages.

The first will be translation to and from the Spanish-English direction, for Marketplace users in the United States. From the start, translation is conceived by the company to increase commerce between buyers and sellers from different countries, with the intention of moving toward the global goal of international communication without borders:

- Messenger will add AR masks for the camera.

Conceived all the same to enhance commercial operations: brands will be able to offer users who have contacted them in the chat to try out the effects for the camera.

Such an offer could be especially beneficial for clothing brands if the user makes a purchase online. Facebook writes that in the future customers will be able to try on products visually without crossing the threshold of the store. The brands that will be the first to test such features are ASUS, Kia, Nike, and Sephora.

First Day of F8: A Short Digest of Key Messages

In addition:
- Facebook and Instagram Stories will be downloadable from third-party apps, with Spotify, SoundCloud and GoPro going first.
- Facebook groups will be moved to a separate common tab.
- Instagram will launch a video chat, including a group chat for up to four people.
- Instagram introduced AR Studio, a platform for creating AR effects yourself.

You can also read the rest of the news for WhatsApp and Oculus here.

All changes on the developer side of Facebook are already available in dev-blog.

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