Perfect World Mobile - game review and walkthrough guide 2023

Mobile MMORPGs are getting better and better, especially in terms of appearance, and Perfect World Mobile is now on top of this development trend. Of course, the MMO RPG genre is sacred and should not be touched, and all developers understand that. So games like this either appeal to you or they don't, and if they do, this game is probably the most advanced game of its kind on mobile devices that you can play right now.


Produced by Beijing Perfect World...

Perfect World Mobile - game review and walkthrough guide 2023

This mobile game is actually a mobile version of Perfect World for PC, created by Beijing Perfect World. It was ported by Perfect World Games, their own home branch, and published by their media department as well. The original PC game was released in 2005 only in China and has spread from there over the last decade and a half. It was especially praised for its rich content of Chinese mythology.

All of these features have been carried over to the new mobile version of the game. It comes with incredible 3D graphics and a look and feel with a familiar gameplay setting. The game was released on September 9 and has already received some impressive reviews. On Google Play, PWM received a score of 4.2 out of more than 14,000 votes. On the iTunes App Store, the game has an even higher rating of 4.5 stars and is currently ranked #120 in Role-Playing. Other notable works by this developer include Torchlight I & II, Neverwinter Online and similar games.


The original beautiful setting and scenery...

Perfect World Mobile - game review and walkthrough guide 2023

As the publisher itself says in the game's description, this game is a grand return of the original series, and it brings back the original beautiful setting and scenery. Although it is the same mythical world of Pangu, the game's story is new, completely different from its PC counterpart, but you move through the same cities, ports, and even meet the same NPCs. In Chinese mythology, Pangu, according to some versions, is the first living person who created all (or part) of that mythology. The game is set at a time when mythology is very much alive, with all the different races that can fly, use magic, and do amazing tricks.


The skills and abilities are quite innovative...

Like any other MMORPG, this game will seem rather familiar, as the developers have not changed much at the top of the genre. However, the skills and abilities possessed by the characters are quite innovative in terms of the genre and games in general. For example, the winged elf cleric has wings and can fly, other classes have jump, double jump, and can even combine it with other abilities to practically fly for long periods of time. Outside of combat, there are maunts and flying maunts.

One feature of this game that has pushed the boundaries of the genre for mobile games, and it is not about appearance, is the "wheel" of character abilities. Namely, as in all MMORPG games, your character's abilities are organized in a circle, with the six main ability buttons grouped together. However, you can also scroll the ability wheel up or down to access four more ability slots. In addition, there is a bonus ability panel above the ability wheel that contains some useful abilities... so there are a lot of abilities.


At the very top of mobile video games...

Perfect World Mobile - game review and walkthrough guide 2023

As already mentioned, this game is now undoubtedly at the top of mobile video games in terms of appearance. It features three-dimensional graphics with incredibly accurate detailing of the models. Everything is crystal clear and the animations work flawlessly, provided you have a powerful enough smartphone to run it. The environments and scenery are so perfect that they look identical to a high-end PC game.


You're going to have a hell of a lot of fun...

Perfect World Mobile - game review and walkthrough guide 2023

PWM is the perfect way to revive an iconic old-school MMO game. At one time, this game competed with World of Warcraft, which was at the height of its fame, and therefore garnered only a moderate number of players. But the fans it garnered have remained loyal, and now people are excited to see the return of this game in such a high-end style. If you have a decent smartphone that can run the game on max settings, you're in for one hell of a good time.


What you need to do and how to do it

Perfect World Mobile - game review and walkthrough guide 2023

This is the part where we go a little deeper. We've compiled a list of helpful guides, tips, and hints to help you throughout your playthrough and hopefully make it more fun and easy! Enjoy!


As you level up and increase your power, you unlock more and eventually all of the features in this game, however, it's quite challenging compared to other MMOs. However, as you level up you will also unlock Perfect World Mobile quests, hidden quests, other locations, and more ways to get even more XP, with the level limit for each new level of course increasing. The focus is on quests and events, but in order to progress as quickly as possible, you also need to keep an eye on your skills and gear. The best options are:

  • Quest
  • Events
  • Guild Membership
  • Instant Boosters
  • Quests

Focusing on quests is a favorite pastime of any experienced serious MMO player because they give better EXP, reveal part of the story, and make the process of getting levels more fun, and that's the case in this game. You will find available and active quests at the top left of your in-game interface. Quests also give you spirit, silver coins, and other rewards in addition to experience points. If you want to level up as quickly as possible, give preference to quests that give you experience points.

There are several types of quests that you can perform:

  • Main quests - serve to advance through the main storyline and give you the most experience points compared to other quests. However, they have level restrictions and are unlocked as you progress through the game, even chain quests can get blocked when you reach a certain point without enough level. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you complete basic quests until you reach the level limit, and then move on to other types. The letter "M" under your avatar will open the list of quests.
  • Side quests - also obtained from NPCs, these quests give a decent amount of extra EXP and are suitable for completion when you have reached your level limit in the main quests. The letter "S" under your avatar will open a list of side quests.
  • Oracle quests are daily quests that increase your Oracle status, which determines your character's behavior, and are divided into valor, clairvoyance, popularity, luck, willpower and wisdom. Increasing your oracle status increases the chance of receiving rewards in your favor. The letter "O" under your avatar will open the list of Oracle quests.
  • Hidden quests - these can be obtained from certain NPCs in the city, and the letter "H" will open the list.
  • Guild quests - these are only available if you are a guild member and increase your status in the guild, increase your contribution and give many other great rewards. The letter "G" will open the list


There is a wide variety of in-game Events that provide a quick and easy experience, making events suitable for grinding EXP. You will find an "Events" button at the top of the game interface. Just click on it and see the details of the events that are currently on offer. The following events are usually available:

  • Arena - reward EXP, exclusive items, silver coins
  • Battle of the Outlaws - guild fee, book of higher skills, EXP
  • Cultivation Clan, Elder - EXP, guild points, EXP
  • Cultivation Dungeon - eidolon, equipment, universal block, book of higher skills
  • Hunting Celestia - psychic gem, EXP, gold coin
  • Dungeon Call - astral antenna, universal unit
  • Divine Valley - EXP
  • Guild League - EXP
  • Guild quest - guild contribution points, EXP
  • Group Dungeon - craft material, equipment
  • Tower of the sky waterfall - engraved chest, sphere
  • Monster Massacre - silver coins, treasure map, EXP, mirage stone
  • Asura's Way - EXP
  • Phoenix Creek - silver coins, EXP
  • Villa staple - silver coins, soul stone
  • Phoenix Valley Silver Coins, EXP
  • Spring Safari - guild contribution points, silver coins, holy book
  • Top - EXP, mirage stone, blessing stone, Elysium stone


Other rewards such as resources, artifacts and in-game currency can also be obtained in various ways, which include, but are not limited to, those listed above. Creating a guild or applying to join an active guild will also open up various rich opportunities to progress in the game. The benefits of belonging to such a social environment, which is the foundation of any MMO experience, begin with quests, events, and guild contributions, all of which provide various beneficial rewards as well as enhance your overall gaming experience.


Instant boosters can be set up by clicking on the "+" located in the lower center of the screen. You can set up the desired booster and/or recovery items that can be used in combat in various situations, such as healing. These can be obtained from various sources in the game, usually just by moving forward.


Perfect World Mobile offers various free rewards for active players. For example, simply by logging in to the game for eight consecutive days after you start playing, you will receive a New Server Gift. Additionally, rewards are given out depending on how much playing time you spend each day: rewards are given out after every 15, 45, 60, 90, 120 and 150 minutes of playing time that you stay online. Rewards can include silver bars and spirits, which are very valuable. In addition, reaching a level plateau gives rewards starting at level 20 and every 10 levels until level 50, and then every 5 levels from 50th to 90th.


PWM pets are called eidolons, and there are currently eleven of them in the game, although other types, such as the venomancer, have been added to the game. Eidolons can increase a player's BR power and aid in the course of your adventure in various ways. Each of the eleven eidolons gives different skills and additional stats and is chosen depending on the player's role and class.

There are a few general rules for finding any pet. If you can't find the desired pet at the spawn location, try switching channels and looking around nearby. Also, team up with a friend or find a group for a faster kill. In the end, if you can't find your pet no matter what you do, try trying again tomorrow. Some pets, such as golden pets, take several days to spawn, and their rebirth time differs from the last time they were killed.

The recommended pets are mostly of class A and B, as those below give weak bonuses. S pets are acquired by topping up (spending money in-game) or bought with gold bars, which can be earned in-game, like Phoenix and Hercules. A and B pets can be obtained in cultivation dungeons, which are done in a group with friends, so you really need to be in a guild or have active friends in the game here. Once you finish the cultivation dungeons, you can get a really good B or even A class pet for free, so it's worth the effort.

All pets appear in the dungeons, except the Spirit of the Oak, which you can get after buying 50 thousand unbound gold bars. That said, the Spirit of Oak is a pretty good defensive pet with a lot of damage, both physical and magical, depending on how you set it up. Overall, it's a very good tank pet. As for the rest, just try to always go through the highest level cultivation dungeons with your group.


Your first eidolon will appear when you finish loading the game and log in for the first time. Other Perfect World Mobile pet locations are scattered throughout the game and appear from various sources. The first eidolon you get will likely be a rank C and only 1 skill, which is pretty weak, but will do for starters. You should strive to level up quickly and get "A" and "B" grades, which, as mentioned, you can get in Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Dungeons.

You can also buy A-class pets from the market for about 100 thousand gold bars. If you get an A or B class pet in a cultivation dungeon that you don't need, you can sell it on the market for 100 thousand gold or 180 gold bars. You also get a Rainbow J pet on the 5th day after you enter the game.

As soon as you get a perk, whether it's a purchase or a reward, you should immediately requalify it, choose the stats you want and optimize it as best you can.

The new Venomancer class, also called Vulpine, is now highly regarded in the game, so if you're looking for translated guides, try searching for that name. Most of the information must be translated from the Chinese version or at least looked up in the PC version, so there may be differences in skills, pets and even class names. Since this is a new class, you only need to create a new Vulpine character (Venomancer), and there are no restrictions on how to get Venomancer.


When you first start playing Perfect World Mobile, during training you will get the maximum level of your chosen class, with all unlocked skills. Unfortunately, after completing the training you will go back to the beginning, i.e. the first level. So, the obvious thing is to get up to level 60 as quickly as possible, which means you need to use quick sources of experience, such as those discussed in "How to Get Up Fast?". However, you have many other opportunities to get stronger, such as your gear, skills, pets, and more.

Improving equipment in the early stages is best done with enhancements, as your equipment through the levels won't be something you'll keep for too long. To go to the improvement screen, click on the button labeled "Improve". You will need silver coins and mirage stones to improve your gear, and each improvement has a chance of success. This means that you have a chance to improve your item and level it up, but it can also be unsuccessful and result in a loss of resources. This chance can be increased with Blessing material. In addition, soulstones can be used to increase the stats of gear that is imbued with them, but you cannot add them to all gear.


This is a tricky question at the moment, and according to community feedback, high-level players choose Sage Wizard in the endgame. Sage 3's skills are generally very powerful, and Sage Wizard does more damage overall, but Demon Wizard has better burst damage. Also, Demon has more CC (crowd control) abilities, so it depends on the situation and your role in Perfect World Mobile.


Perfect World Mobile marriage is something that was recently added to the mobile version, and it allows us to marry other players in a ceremony inspired by Eastern traditions. You need to be level 40 or higher to participate in the marriage ceremony, and the couple must travel to the city of archosaurs. There you need to find the Golden Boy and choose one of the different wedding options that will take place in the game. You can personalize and customize the ceremony in many ways, as well as invite other friends to participate in the celebration. The wedding will bring blessing points and rewards in the form of contribution points, epic loot, and other items.


Unlike most other quests, you cannot click and automatically complete the hidden quest for the seeds of wrath. Therefore, when in Archosaur or any other city, go to Dreamweaver Port, which requires at least level 30. There check the map and find the Altar of Devils. The autopath is again unavailable, but just go there, climbing up until you reach enough altitude. The exact location of the hidden Wrath Seeds quest is just west of the Devil's Altar, on a platform. Once you find the platform, there will probably be one or two seeds on it, just change the channel to get more seeds.

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