Perchang is a beautiful puzzle, review

Perchang is a beautiful puzzle, review

Not so long ago the game was released, and today Perchang is already free in the AppStore. From the name of the game it is not clear, but judging by the screenshots, it is a beautiful puzzle game for the phone and fans of physics. Let's take a closer look.Download from the AppStoreDownload from Google Play

Perchang is a beautiful puzzle, review

What catches the eye - a very high-quality execution of the game. The picture is really very beautiful.The essence of the game - for 60 levels you have to, to drive small balls into the "pocket". Help you in this will be a variety of devices in the form of magnets, fans, shelves, moving shelves, antigravitators and other devices.Perchang is a beautiful puzzle, reviewI should note that the laws of physics in the game are worked out perfectly. There is some airiness of the balls, but this is more of a subjective phenomenon. For me, it's not easy to get the iron balls into the air with a fan, but who says they're iron? In general, the game is worth downloading and watching. Whether to leave it on your phone is up to you.

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