Viber public chats: get closer to your idols

A new feature from Viber will allow you to follow the communication of idols and favorite companies in special chats

Last year, the company Viber has finally cemented its title as a social platform rather than a simple messenger client. At the end of November, a new feature was introduced - public chats.In addition to cross-platform, the ability to call any number, the availability of group chats and a large number of stickers, the application allows you to listen to conversations of celebrities, public people, TV channels and editors of popular publications. The developers decided that many would be interested to learn details from the lives of popular personalities, to hear new information in an unofficial setting, and all this against the backdrop of the stirring effect of "eavesdropping" on other people's conversations. Apparently, the idea was a success, since the existing chats already have a decent number of subscribers. It turned out that users really like to eavesdrop on other people's conversations and get interesting information in an unusual format.It would seem that why do we need such chats when there are social networks like Instagram и Twitterwhere you can interact with public figures and get the latest news? But the increased interest suggests that public chats are still interesting. So there's a Viber we didn't miss a beat.1 2As of today, in the Viber there are public chats for all tastes. Some chat in a limited circle, others publish feature articles in a journalistic format, and others have interesting discussions on the most pressing topics. There are at least 5 thousand readers even in newer chat rooms. As an example of a good public chat room Film.pro. Here they often invite guests, post interesting photos and information from the set, and do not forget about the humor, Viber presented a unique opportunity to try out a fresh format, and through trial and error, earn the attention of the audience. We can say that the format of dialogues in public chats will be determined: they will become more interesting, and there is every chance that they will become the most popular tool for communicating with the audience.4 5The result depends on three parties. The more likes the presenters get, the more interesting the conversations will become. To find the recipe for the perfect public chat, public people will come up with new formats and unusual ways of having conversations, Viber is trying to expand the current functionality by adding new ways for users to interact. For example, the developers are thinking about creating an additional chat room for subscribers, where they can share their thoughts without distracting other participants in the conversation.Now that public chats are in beta, and the developers are experimenting with content and form, they have become a source of live interest and desire to try them out. The only drawback is the lack of extended opportunities for reader feedback to presenters. All in good time.

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