Overkill 3 hints strategy cheats

Overkill 3: tips, cheats and strategies

Overkill 3 is somewhat different from previous games in the franchise. If the player wants to survive the inevitable clashes, he will have to use the whole arsenal of weapons and customization, with which he will fight an infinite number of armed and very dangerous enemies. We want to tell you about some strategies and little cheats Overkill 3The newcomer will be able to acclimatize more quickly to encounters with the enemy, as well as hints that will help him acclimatize more quickly.

Overkill 3 hints strategy cheats

Adjust the sensitivity of the scope

Overkill 3 hints strategy cheatsFrom the beginning Overkill 3 may seem a little difficult to control. But fortunately, the game has a sensitivity option (accessed by pressing the pause button in the upper left corner), with which you can adjust the responsiveness of the control to your movements. You can quickly move your character from one corner of the display to another with a simple swipe. In games where quick reflexes are vital to fighting off enemies coming from all sides, the ability to move quickly from left to right is a huge advantage.

Don't waste money on painting

Overkill 3 hints strategy cheatsPlayers Overkill 3 get access to tons of weapons and accessories that they can upgrade with hard-earned points. Weapons aren't very advanced from the start, so we recommend spending money on accessories that will help improve stats, rather than cosmetic frills like paint or stickers.

Snipers: live or dead

Overkill 3 hints strategy cheatsWhen snipers appear in the game, you will know it immediately by their long red laser pointers, which follow you everywhere. Not even shelters can save you from snipers. The only way to avoid a sniper's bullet is to eliminate him before he starts shooting. This makes snipers number one among the most desirable and dangerous enemies. Before you go anywhere, look around carefully to see if there is a red laser beam nearby, and try to eliminate its source.

Stop and reload

Overkill 3 hints strategy cheatsIt takes too long to shoot in different directions in the Overkill 3 is not recommended. Of course, the armor allows you to actively pour lead on the enemy, but it runs out sooner or later, and then the outcome is one. It is best to press the reload button immediately after you have killed the enemy. During this time you can aim at the enemy and prepare to attack.

Leave grenades at home

Overkill 3 hints strategy cheatsGrenades cost a lot of money, which is better spent on upgrading weapons. In the game you can easily do without them, so the cost is not worth it. It should be remembered that the explosion of the grenade wipes out everyone in the vicinity. The wise player will save some armor and use the gas canister to eliminate a couple of enemies.If you have more Overkill 3 strategy cheats, write them in the comments!

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