Differences and similarities of two Xiaomi models: Redmi 5 and 5A

Differences and similarities of two Xiaomi models: Redmi 5 and 5A

We understand the nuances and details of Xiaomi Redmi 5 and 5A

It's been a long time since customers have opted for cheaper devices. There is no need to confuse it with low-quality ones. Not always an affordable price means some kind of defect or short-lived. What about Xiaomi appliances, which shows that a smartphone does not have to have the price of Apple or Samsung to perform the same functionality.

There are several stores in our country that are ready to provide an inexpensive gadget of a well-known brand at a bargain price, and even with a guarantee. In our country The price of Xiaomi Redmi 5 will be the most affordable and adequate.

Differences and similarities of two Xiaomi models: Redmi 5 and 5A

If you have decided on the place where you should buy, then the next task is what to choose. Xiomi company not so long ago released two models that have become quite popular among buyers in a short period of time - the Redmi Five and the improved version. Of course, in the end, it is up to you to choose, but in this article we will try to compare them, point out the positive and negative sides of gadgets, find similar features and differences.

A justifiable choice

Several experts are able to confirm the fact that among the functional, but budget smartphones, these two representatives are the most popular. Why bother searching when many are willing to confirm the experts' assessment in real life.

In order for you to have some idea of the models, you need to do an analysis to determine the advantages and disadvantages.

Purely externally, they already differ in the size of the screen. The five has 5.7 inches, and the Note A has 5.5. In addition, the first design has a resolution of 720 x 1440p (HD+), in addition, there are rounded corners, and the second design has 720 x 1280p (HD).

The processor in the ratio is Qualcomm Snapdragon four hundred and fifty, eight cores 1.8 GHz by four hundred and thirty-five, also with eight cores.

Differences and similarities of two Xiaomi models: Redmi 5 and 5A

The memory is better in the "A", it is designed for three gigabytes at once, compared with two in the five, and you can expand to sixty-four instead of thirty-two. Here, of course, the leader is beaten out by the refined Note, and you can't argue against that. The connection is exactly the same, but there are small differences in the shooting. We cannot call them global and because of the indicators to make a certain choice, but still.

Additional comparative characterization:

  • Battery 3300 mAh, fast charging 5V / 2A - figures Xiaomi, the product of the second, the numbers are slightly lower.
  • Camera. You can not talk about the advantage of the main one megapixel, but the front camera in the second phone is cooler. It improved from five megapixels to 16, plus there is a flash.
  • The most significant difference is the display. It is because of it that buyers make preferences. The Fifth has an 18:9 aspect ratio and the Five A has a 16:9 aspect ratio, but the frameless display and the classic screen look different, which leads to the main debate about who is bigger or cooler.
  • The arguments can go on and on, when you consider that the price in the basic package is not particularly different. The difference of 20-30 dollars is not considered and is not significant.

A small comparative picture with drawbacks

Above described all the advantages of Xiaomi products. In addition to the cost and "tasty stuffing" you can face some disadvantages. To put up with them or not, you decide.

If you're going to buy a Xiomi Five or Five A, don't think the camera will be as cool as an iPhone or Samsung. The quality is good, you might even say cool, compared to affordable analogs, but you shouldn't expect supernatural results.

Redmi 5A also came out with its minuses. Here let's voice the external quality - the plastic case. It somewhat cheapens the look, while poorly protecting the display from bumps and mechanical damage in a fall. Nevertheless, there is a separate slot for MicroSD, there is more RAM and the front panel is cooler.

The disadvantages include a lower capacity battery, the lack of chip and the lack of NFC. The younger generation will appreciate the image of Five A, because for selfies there is the coolest camera, otherwise there are no special differences and you have to be guided by personal preferences.

In addition, I want to praise the assemblers. Here you will not find any chips, incomprehensible protrusions and gaps. The assembly is at a high level. The weight is minimal, due to which the hand is not tired from the constant contact with the gadget. Even if you decide to watch a movie or take a long shot, you will not feel discomfort.

Differences and similarities of two Xiaomi models: Redmi 5 and 5A

Pay or overpay?

If you go to a store that exclusively sells Xiomi, you're likely to walk away with a purchase. You will be shown how the device actually works, with the main trump card being the cost. It is impossible to refuse such a purchase. Young people, middle-income residents can easily afford the Redmi 5 and 5A, while experiencing the benefits of an inexpensive gadget.

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