mistakes when creating a bot

Mistakes when creating bots

You've probably already encountered chat rooms on Telegram or Facebook. And you've even considered creating one for yourself or your company. Take your time, think through your steps, read what mistakes other chat room creators have made. Learn what you need to know before you put your new chatbot out into the world? About that. told Adelyn ZhouIt's not enough to create a bot, there are already thousands of bots in different platforms, and most of them have hardly ever been used by anyone. What are the main mistakes when creating bots or chatbots?mistakes when creating a bot

Lack of a clear strategy

What should your bot do? Generate transactions and sales, or reduce the cost of tech support by replacing people on staff? Or retain the user through personalized brand interaction? Or do you just see the hype around new technology and don't fully understand what you need a bot for?

2) Lack of a separate landing page for the chatbot

A separate page can contain introductory information about the bot, which will also help to attract SEO and PPC traffic (advertising traffic), conduct analytics and count the conversion, allowing users to scramble to find a link to the bot in any convenient platform and in the media.

3. no bots in the directories

Like any useful information, the right bots are hard to find. Platforms are not yet solving these problems and it is necessary to use the services of third parties that provide directories and bot compilations. Of course, nobody cancelled the word of mouth.

4. Unclear/uninformative bot description

A description of the bot is just as necessary as for any other product. How does your bot benefit (or solve) the end user?

5. Not a unique and poorly remembered name

The name of the bot is most of the information about it. Others are the icon and the description. Already looking at the name, the user decides if he should use this bot. As with any name, make sure it is easy to pronounce. It is desirable that the name begins with the first letters of the alphabet (so in some directories it will be the first).

6. Lack of description that your chatbot is not a person

Often users don't understand if they are chatting with a bot or still a human 🙂 especially when the bot has a human avatar. Label "bot" or "assistant" in the name, or start a chat with the user by explaining these things.

7. Lack of usability testing of the bot before launching it

In general, it's like with websites, programs, applications, before the release you need to test everything thoroughly. And not just once.

8. Not using the bot's existing users to promote it

Not only can users give feedback, they are often your best advocates online. Make sure the functionality includes a handy feature to share the bot across platforms.

9. Excessive bot activity or spam

Communication is an intimate action. Don't disrupt communication with active sales pitches and spammy offers. Respond only when asked and don't be tempted to have an open channel between you and the user.

10. Trying to cover a wide range of tasks and losing focus

Create a bot for narrow purposes. If you're notifying about new movies, you shouldn't give critiques of movies or sell tickets here either. Such things confuse users and produce less business results.Source: Telegram Channel https://telegram.me/devakatalk

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