Orbu: a fascinating puzzle for augmented reality fans

Today, on December 21, a new fascinating game called Orbu became available in the AppStore. And the most fascinating thing about it is that it's a puzzle that you put together in augmented reality.Orbu You can't say that the AppStore has a lot of augmented reality products: frankly, they're not popular here at all yet. And it may even happen that they won't be. But that hasn't stopped the developers of Orbu from releasing a game that you can play right in your kitchens or living rooms.

Orbu was created by a studio that includes developers from Sony's London Studio: they worked on Playstation VR Worlds and other similar projects.

When you first look at the game's design and the way its environment blends into the real world, how it merges with the objects around you, it immediately becomes clear that the developers were inspired by the game Zen Gardens.

As seen in the trailer, Orbu uses slingshot mechanics. The player must help three cute creatures - Tanuki the raccoon dog, Noko the turtle, and Konkon the fox - reach their spiritual home by throwing them over various obstacles. With such a cute trio, the game is sure to please even the youngest players.

You'll pay $2.99 for the first 3 parts when you buy the game today. Download Orbu on the AppStore!

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