Experience: Hochuza

I want to share with you my experience of using the Application, a service that is so much announced and advertised. Hochuza.

The service announces itself - we search for goods and services for you. Cool, I thought, - That's how much less of a headache it is. And I decided to try and order a gift.


I downloaded the app. I was pleasantly surprised by the registration, one cell phone is enough. I received an SMS with the password, and now I'm in the app. Minimalist, cute, I would even say, nice. Doing order: a gift for Valentine's Day (I do not know exactly what I want) with a budget of 300 UAH (and that I spared more of them, originally wanted a smaller amount, but I did not play hard to get). No need to specify anything else. That's all, waiting.
photo 1 photo 2
I didn't get any information about what to expect. And it would have been nice by SMS to inform you that the order is accepted, the number is such, we will contact you or tell you something else.
Call. From an unknown number. Of course I don't answer, of course I'm busy, of course I don't have time, otherwise I would have downloaded the application, registered and asked for help. Here you are waiting for the continuation, but there is no continuation, this is the end of the service...
Screenshots from the app, I tell you - nice, but useless.
photo 4  photo 5


What can I do Conclusions:
- The idea is not a bad one, but it is designed exclusively for service, VERY GOOD service, and not the usual service in our country;
- Business processes are not defined even minimally;
- as a customer they are not interested in me (and I do not believe in 100500 urgent orders of other customers);
- The app is nice, the service is g%nk.


What I expected from the service:
- maximum information via SMS or Viber (I want to be informed of everything)
- selecting a gift with minimal involvement from me (I just want to say: suitable/not suitable or hot/cold)
- all communication between me and the "service" has been moved to the app (phone exceptions)
- selection of gifts in the application itself with pictures and descriptions (I want to be able to choose)


I wish the guys good luck and attention to service and details. Peace! 🙂


Called back today. I'm a little more available today).
- Hello, this is Smile Company (O_o), you ordered a gift from Hochusa, I want to offer you...
- So I ordered from Hochusa, what's that got to do with you?
- They gave us your order
- What if I don't want to buy "emotions", want a soft toy, or don't know what I want at all?
- Then other Hochusa partners will call you until you make up your mind. Just to remind you, there are over 1,000 partners announced (yyyy)
- Okay, thanks, I'll talk to the other partners.
And silence... And the dead with scythes are standing...
No one else called. And no one wrote. Went to the app, there (happily!) saw that there were 2 offers. Running! Breaking in!
photo 1-2 photo 2-2
I even rejoiced - a chat! Now I'll just talk and solve all my problems... And silence...
photo 4-3
It's sad... (c)
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