Once Upon a Tower - the battle of the brave princess against the dragon

Once Upon a Tower - the battle of the brave princess against the dragon

Once Upon a Tower game will appeal to every brave girl, where she has to fight on the side of the princess against the dragon. Since help from the prince is no longer worth waiting for, you have to lead the fight yourself, collect useful items and move towards the exit - away from the dragon. Ran, gurl, ran. The game is available for iOS and Android - for free, although there are paid purchases in the store.

Download Once Upon a Tower free from the AppStore.


The game Once Upon a Tower can be safely attributed to action and arcade with bright gameplay. The main task is to go down the tower, overcoming obstacles, killing dragons and collecting useful items. To do this, the princess has the dead prince's hammer and hints as the game progresses. Remember that you have to kill leprechauns at the same time, avoid setting fire to the tower and quickly decide where to go next. Once Upon a Tower is an arcade game, but you can't do without logic. After losing you can continue for coins, from the place where you were overtaken by the dragon, or you can start your escape from the beginning.

Features of Once Upon a Tower

  • swipe control for hitting and running;
  • a huge number of obstacles and enemies;
  • lack of a soundtrack;
  • simple, cartoonish and bright design;
  • Availability of purchases and hacked version with a huge amount of money.

How do I use boosters?

In addition to moving down the tower and killing enemies, you must be sure to open the chest and collect boosters or shields. These are free, but they make the game easier and save lives. Remember, the more records you set, the further you can advance. Codes and mods for the hacked version are not needed, but will be useful for the official version.

Once Upon a Tower



The game Once Upon a Tower will suit everyone who loves arcade and fantasy adventures in which you have to make quick decisions. The lack of a soundtrack compensates for the voice acting and a huge number of enemies. It will take you more than one day to pass, so it is impossible to do without extra coins, and you will have to resort to tricks for that.

Walkthroughs and tricks

In addition to the basic version with lots of ads and almost no money, there is a Once Upon a Tower hack for Android & iOS for which you do not need to download a mod. Boosters and coins allow you to disable ads, get rare prizes and save the princess. To do this, just use the following combinations in the downloaded Once Upon a Tower:

  • j4#XdWHmxM for 9 thousand coins;
  • sR#1WI0MH1 to turn off ads.

By downloading the Once Upon a Tower hack, you will be able to:

  • to preserve achievements with the help of money;
  • to continue the game after losing;
  • buy boosters for easy passing.


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