Oh this iPhone: 5 interesting facts about Apple smartphones

Oh this iPhone: 5 interesting facts about Apple smartphones

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Just think about it - almost 12 years have passed since the first iPhone appeared on the market. During this time, Apple smartphones have repeatedly surprised their potential owners with original features, high security performance, unusual features and impressive results of the so-called "crash tests".

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What is most interesting, even now, years after the launch of sales, you can find on the Web so many unusual and interesting facts, which is enough to write a full book about the unique features and capabilities of smartphones Apple.

Top 5 the most interesting facts about "apple" phones

  1. To date, more than 1 billion eminent cell phones have been sold in the world. Thus, the official statistics of the "Apple" brand shows that the number of sold copies from the first day of the smartphone's existence is growing rapidly. Accordingly, even despite some turmoil, Apple invariably remains one of the leaders of the global mobile equipment market.
  2. The photos and pictures of absolutely all smartphones from a popular brand always show the same time (9 hours and 41 minutes). Why so? The answer is very original - the representatives of the "Apple" corporation have made sure that during each presentation of new smartphones the time on the watch of the audience and on the slide with the novelty coincided. In the photos of the devices, released before 2010, you can see that the time on the screen is different - 9 hours and 42 minutes. So why did they have to change the tradition? As it turned out, the duration of the presentation is always a little out of time and does not fit into 41 minutes.
  3. All advertising of Apple products in movies and television series is unpaid. The corporation, as a matter of principle, does not pay for the demonstration of its developments in the frame. However, it is graciously willing to provide tablets, smartphones, and headphones for movie sets in almost any quantity.
  4. The very first iPhone was a secret development. Even the engineers involved in its creation did not immediately know what they had to work on. Such secrecy was initiated by Steve Jobs himself, who forbade outsiders (other than employees of the corporation) to be involved in the creation of the innovative smartphone.
  5. Initially, one of the most expensive apps for the iPhone in the history of its existence was an app that did not perform obviously useful functions and only displayed the promising inscription "I am rich" and the red ruby symbol on the smartphone screen. Its price was almost $1,000 ($999 and 99 cents). Probably, such an unusual program could have cost more, but Apple did not allow the installation of applications whose price exceeded $999 and 99 cents.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone has become a real "gold mine" for Apple corporation and was recognized as its most profitable product.

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