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Review of Medisafe - an app for reminding you to take your medications and vitamins

Today's review is Medisafe - an app that helps you automate your medications, vitamins and even sports nutrition. I use it to take vitamins and supplements - doctors offer complicated algorithms like "15 minutes before a meal" or "20 minutes after taking the previous one", and it is hard not to get confused in this format. So according to the precepts of David Allen (the same one who invented the GTD technique and the principle of "crystal clear mind") we reassign the entire scheme of taking Medisafe and clear the brain of heavy and unnecessary information.

What Medisafe can do

The app fully controls your vitamin (read medication, dietary supplements) diet, but it will take a little work to program it correctly. Medisafe will offer to enter the first medicine from the start, later you can add more through the "+" button, which is located on the "Home" tab. All this is done intuitively - select "New medication", enter its name and press "Done" on the keyboard. After that, you choose a dosage (by the way, pay attention to how many options are offered here) and the appearance (so you can be guided by the picture, not by the name). After that you choose how often you want to take vitamins (every day or on certain days, there are a lot of options), how many times and at what time. This is where the "after meal" style condition won't work - the app doesn't know when you usually take your food, so you'll have to limit yourself to time intervals. You can choose the start and end date, too.

medisafe app review

The installed medication will appear on "Home" - as soon as the set time arrives, the app will notify you and offer to drink what you have planned. If suddenly you miss an appointment, Medisafe will remind you of this until you forcibly turn off the notification or drink the medicine. If necessary, you can reschedule or cancel the appointment altogether. You can use the calendar at the top of the screen to move through the week and track your progress - how honestly you did everything.

All medicines or vitamins that you take can be checked in the "Medicines" tab - there you can also change the current list, remove or add new types. Controls are sharpened on swipes, long presses (including 3D Touch) do not work.

Separately, it is worth noting that when you enter data into the program, you can note how much medication or vitamins you have left, and the program will prompt you to run out and need to go to the pharmacy. A small thing, but nice.

How to customize Medisafe

Unfortunately, there is not much to customize here - you can change the text and sound of the notification, set the delay time, the appearance of the main screen and the main units of measurement. By the way, displaying the page as a tablet looks cool, but no more than that - the calendar with the daily schedule is much more informative. If necessary, you can buy a premium version - there you can add an unlimited number of medical friends, come up with your own colors, set voice reminders (only in English, but will remind Trump, Obama and other famous personalities), as well as additional measurements of health indicators. Of all the above, it is unlikely that you will use anything, so it is not necessary to update - even the free version is more than enough for us.

medisafe taking medications vitamins pills

Although it would be convenient to resize the windows on the main page - I think they are a little too big. It's up to anyone, of course, but I'd still make the information blocks smaller.

Who are the Medi-Friends at Medisafe

Your family members or just friends you can keep track of. If suddenly you forget to take your next batch of medication and ignore all the "requests" of the app, you will get a call or an email from your friend who will remind you not to skip your medication. This is both an additional control and an element of gamification.

What else can Medisafe do

As additional features, Medisafe has:

Measurement control

You enter your own data: cholesterol, weight and waist circumference, blood glucose and several other parameters. All of this is stored in the app, and you can check your measurements at any time. Ideally, this data could also be sent to a doctor, but we have not yet "matured" enough to do this, although we are striving for it.


Here you can record your symptoms of illness and any medical information that might be helpful to you or your doctor. Information from here, too, should ideally be in sync with your doctor, but we are looking at the point above and hoping for speedy medical reforms.


Actually, this is where you add your doctor and his data - mail, phone numbers, addresses. You can probably try to negotiate with your doctor to download this app and facilitate data exchange, but I don't have one yet.


The program shows how many medications you took during the week, how many you took, and how many you missed. Nothing special, just beautiful information for those who are obsessed with statistics.

In the end it is worth summarizing that the application really makes life easier, so if you need to keep track of your medications or vitamins, we recommend paying attention to Medisafe.

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