Tennis Clash review and guide - the best tennis simulator

Tennis Clash review and guide - the best tennis simulator

A game called Tennis Clash - an excellent tennis simulator, distributed for free, has in-game purchases. The last two characteristics should be alarming, because often the developers overdo the free-to-play model, and instead of a normal game we get a project for pumping out money. Let's see what type of mobile game Tennis Clash is.

The developers have simplified the gameplay as much as possible, reducing it to a clear "hit and run". Otherwise, the game does not differ from the real tennis - two players throw the ball to each other on the field with special markings, divided by a grid, using rackets. You can upgrade your characters with items and improve their starting characteristics. And instead of the usual energy we'll use strings here - once they run out, you can't play, and their supply is not replenished with time, but falls out of the bags. There are ordinary nylon strings that don't improve your performance, and then there are cool strings - they give you the ability to hit harder, twist better, pitch more powerfully. The latter, however, either very rarely fall out of the bags, or are purchased for crystals, and are very expensive.

How to Run in Tennis Clash

You can also use taps on the field, but keep in mind that the tennis player can't do it instantly, it will take him some time to get ready (after a fall or some twister). It is possible to "plan" the athlete's run - you swipe to hit and tap on the ground in the right direction, as a result he will hit and then run. You must always stand in the center of the back court to be able to get any shots, otherwise your opponent will catch you on the opposite side or scatter in the corners.

How to beat in Tennis Clash

Swipes upward, and the faster and longer the swipe, the farther and stronger the hit will be. So you have to be tactical about hitting - don't hit into the corridor or behind the back line (that's out), try to spread yourself out into the corners. There are no shortcuts here - you can make a short swipe and try to hit under the net. Crosses are good - this is when you hit on the diagonal and try to hit the halfcourt (squares near the net).

how to hit in tennis clash

Tennis Clash scores

Our character has certain indicators, which together show the effectiveness of the tennis player. Here they are:

  • Speed - your running score
  • Endurance - how much energy your tennis player has as you run around the court and retrieve difficult balls. Refreshed every round, but the scale will already be less full because the player feels tired
  • Submission - the force with which you pitch
  • A kick in the air - the force with which you hit near the net
  • Forehand - right-handed impact force (for right-handed people)
  • Backhand - power to the left (for right-handed people)

How to improve performance?

For this character can be given 7 items:

  • Racket
  • Winding
  • Shoes
  • Wristband
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Strings

tennis clash scores

All of these items are pumpable - you find them in bags (lootboxes) and increase the level. Without pumping them in the hope of finding a better version of the racket / winding you just lose all the games and will not be able to impose the fight on the opponents. The characters themselves can be changed - they have certain "features", they have different starting characteristics and skills. True, they fall out very rarely and on reaching a certain round, so don't get your hopes up, especially since the starting character is pretty good. And yes, I specifically don't write which stats are improved with items, because they affect player stats differently - different racquets can affect serve power, flying strokes or standard forehand/backhand strokes. Look at the characteristics of the items and draw conclusions as to which option is best for you right now, which suits you best.

Characters in Tennis Clash

So far there are 6 heroes available, each with a different style of play. Also note that two of them are left-handed, so their forehand/backhand is called left and right kick respectively. This can affect your understanding of the game (it's hard to readjust) as well as your opponent's adaptation to you.

Jonah - The starting character (with a not-so-sounding name, in the English version his name is Jonas). He has powerful attacks from the back line, so when choosing him, you have to be ready to hit hard and accurately. Sometimes it's hard to hit the court, especially for beginners, but I'll be honest, he has a really good backhand shot.

Hope - A versatile girl who is average at any position (back line and net), and is equally good at hitting left/right/flying. Good character, available from round 1.

Florence - Another female tennis player who is not very good at hitting, but has good basic movement speed and stamina. She's great at counterattacking because she can get difficult balls because of her speed. I've already had Florence fall out, I can't get used to her because you have to run a lot and you can't hit a skill shot. Plus she is more dependent on equipment. Although, some Tennis Clash players prefer this, exhausting style, and it is relevant if you have a wristband for hitting skills. Without it, it's better to choose Iona/Hope and try to play normally. Available from round 2.

Leo - The first left-handed player on the list. He has poor stamina (0), but he makes up for it with a good powerful serve and a strong shot from the summer. If you like Federer's game, when he serves powerfully and runs to the net (it's called serve and volley), you can take a closer look at Leo. It's understandable that a notional Florence can just run you over, and you won't be able to cope with backhand and backhand serve, but it's still worth a try if you start with your serves, you'll always have a high chance of winning. Available from round 3.

Kaito - is the youngest tennis player, so he has the highest basic speed and stamina, he pulls out all kinds of balls with ease, and he's definitely better than Florence. He has the same basic serve as Leo, good forehand/backhand (better than Hope), and he looks like the best tennis player, even though he's been available since the 4th round. I recommend looking at him, he's really cool.

Victoria - Second left-handed player with powerful forehand and backhand, decent speed, but low stamina. She is available in the 5th round and higher, and should be considered the best tennis player (logically), but Kaito looks more interesting.

Personally, I like the game very much - I play a lot of tennis, and it's another opportunity for me to practice, especially in tactics. There are different people playing against me with different styles of play, you have to adjust to each of them, taking into account the capabilities of your character. Of course, it's a pity that slashing, twisting and shortcuts are not well implemented here, because then the tactics would diversify even more, but now I have to play trivial crosses, line kicks (which are very hard to do in real life) and corner kicks.

How to win in Tennis Clash

There won't be many tips, and they work as long as your overall stats with your opponent are plus or minus the same. If he is significantly stronger than you, and also with steep strings, there is not much chance in this match.

Study your opponent

Before every match, you have a couple of seconds to compare your character to your opponent. You can tell what his weaknesses are right away - if he has a weak backhand, hit him under the left hand. Maybe his opponent will be ready for this and will go deep to the left side of the court under his forehand, but then you can move the ball strongly to the right, and then he won't have time to catch it. If he has strong underhand characteristics, try to play crosses, or flip him under the backhand line. Watch how he moves - sometimes it's good to hit the opposite way, especially if you've shown your opponent before that you know how to corner.

Tennis Clash review and guide - the best tennis simulator

Hit accurately, not hard.

Very often in tennis you want to hit hard so your opponent can't take your shot, but more often than not you'll knock the ball out of the court. That's why it's better to have the ball fly down the line or exactly into the corner under the backhand than to hit it hard and have the ball go out of bounds.

Use your strengths

Your character has a predisposition to a certain type of play, plus the presence of items obliges you to follow some tactics. You can play one style, but a conditional wristband and shoes can give you the opportunity to rearrange into the mirror opposite style - change your character and learn to play again, perhaps even in practice. But always adapt to what comes out of your bags.

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All that is written would have been fair, if the game was not idiotic bugs. Yes, and probably already picked up the cheats. What the hell is a counterplay? Opponents are often with less characteristics just fly around the court. You shoot with all your might just hit the corner and there.... the ball hangs, the opponent runs up and shoots with the aim. In principle, I will not invest money in this crooked game. Prices are very high, the developers are stupid and greedy assholes.


What I can't understand is where do all players get their "agility/speed"? Playing with a score of "2" against "22" is just not realistic!!!! And why do I have to play where and with whom I am told? Why the fuck should I lose a priori with an unequal?!!! Either I don't understand something... or my skis aren't running.


How do I donate money? All that is written on the Internet is nonsense and a scam. Can you help me?


Dexterity, speed, strokes... Some bullshit with the increase of indicators! Waiting for the bag to fall out is like the weather. If it falls out, something improves, and the other by an order of magnitude deteriorates. And why almost all players who have expressed as a rival, all indicators are almost perfectly flat and on the order of the above. For example: I started with agility - 26, stamina - 27, and then down to 25.4, and strokes - 34,12. And almost all of them look like this: 28,25,28,30,29,28 how can this be?


Yes it's all nonsense, there are players who are on all fronts worse, while putting exactly in the corners and fairly quickly, and rabav or do not want to understand or is it their tricks to make more donated


And the colors of the different outfits for what?


The app is crap, after a day offers to update the app. Only gain points, download a new application again and everything from the beginning. Hangs specifically, points are written off. In general, I do not recommend.


How to add a friend ?


I noticed that on purpose, they slow down the player, and all these indicators to the same place ... and the strings are also a complete fraud.....


How to play a friendly game?


Great game. How do you play online? Great weather in Jamaica. France isn't so good.


Cool game. How do you create a normal player balance?


What is the maximum level of the player?


Of course I understand everything, but .... when I just can't see the ball, or rather it is under my feet, and the "double" is already flying to me in the corner, it becomes somehow uncomfortable. What's that? And another thing: if you're fighting with a weaker opponent, how can you not have time? !!!! That being said, he makes time everywhere!!! On nylon ropes and rope slippers? !!!! Somebody explain! Is this some kind of IT gimmick?!


No one is interested? Or am I writing a rant? Just "waiting for moderation"...


Or am I the only one who can't see the ball in the 11 pro pitch at times, and then it appears unexpectedly in another corner!!!!


Thank you for your feedback. About can / can not play ..., there is a moot point. But concerning the "abilities" of the players - big doubts. Well, the "disappearance" of the ball is also somehow inexplicable. I have crazy internet, everything is apple, and it's kind of weird.
In fact, I play real tennis three times a week, pretty intensely. Never once have I seen a player go to the opposite corner of the serving line when serving in singles???
Anyway, the toy is cool ? Thank you?


Something after the last update (26.02), in general, strange things began to happen. Not only that the ball as disappeared sometimes on the opponent's serve, and disappears, so also "return" to the center sometimes no way! That is, my fighter is somewhere near the edge, and there, can not see where it is, the game continues! And I can not even see the court. Oh, just fucking hell!!!
Well, about particularly "talented" players, with weak characteristics already said. The speed is lower, but it just flies...

Oleg Tsegelnik

Sergey will come up with an answer.)


About the "talented players" thing, I join in. When a character with an agility of 26 runs twice as fast as a character with an agility of 39, it looks really, really, well, bitch, really weird... I can't put it down to any connection delays. It's either cheaters or bots. Very unpleasant to play with such, morale drops because of the initial unprincipled conditions.


And who knows how the arrow over the player depends on the power of the serve?


No more comments accepted?

Oleg Tsegelnik

Why not) We are sitting, waiting for new ones. Sorry, not always near the computer to resuscitate.


It's a scam to buy strings! There's no point! Broke that shit a long time ago, pimply rats!

Oleg Tsegelnik

Copy that, thanks for the info!


Please tell me how to activate the critical stroke, long ball and accuracy, which appear when you buy certain strings. Sometimes it just slips by itself, and how to do it on purpose is not clear.


Good afternoon . Can you please tell me, I have a task "specialist in the game" long ball ". What does it mean to activate the long ball? How do I do it, activate?


How can I add friends to play with them?

Oleg Tsegelnik

No, alas.


Great game, everything feels, all the changes ... everything as in our perfect world, 30 beers, but the differences are small, but there ))

Sorry, tell me please!!! what do the double digits mean, for example in a 60/300 racket... The first digit increases with the receipt of prize cards from the bag... After played games both figures do not change... After upgrading the same racket for coins, incomprehensibly recalculated... ?? Very interesting to understand!!! :(((


Got it... in case anyone is wondering too - these numbers, for example, 250/300 denote that you can raise-purchase the performance of an item through: 300 minus 250 = 50 cards given in prizes... Although adding their scheme isn't very clear either... If you have 250/300 and get a bonus on that item, say x12, then you don't add 12 to 250, but differently... can add 3... 5..7
There ))


The worst game with no logic, and full of absurdity, despite the good graphics. Example to the fact that the player can not play at full strength on all courts and the opponent always exceeds the maximum level, and almost always lose weakkami, the game is fully done for donates, do not waste your time on this game, the developers are complete freaks and assholes, no connection with them, paygoogle also do not hear shit rating inflated by a hundred percent is not even worth one star


Justify please why having a player with some indicators in the game he enters with very different often lower than the opponent, let's say having a shot from the summer 28 in the game comes with 7 indicators and the opponent may have indicators much more, as well as with the other indicators.


Because the level of pumping a player for a particular match may be limited to the level of the tour (this is written before the match).
I.e., if, for example, you play for 1500 coins, the maximum working level of cards - 7. And if you have already pumped up to level 8, this excess does not count, the level 8 indicators will be active only in the matches of 6000 and above


You can pump a player as much as you want, but the games always follow the same scenario: 1 or 2 games are more or less realistic, and then, in the next 3-5 games, no matter what opponent, weaker or stronger, my player kicks balls like he's picking up a racket for the first time in his life. And so it goes round and round, with more and more losing games. I understand this so that developers in this way sigbeyut: "you pay for a feature in the game, your character will play well, do not pay, it will continue.

Oleg Tsegelnik

Well, yes, the game is a little (heavily) donated in this respect, and that's a pity-pity.


Good afternoon, the game is good, but not the instructions have to go through everything by mistake. Here's how to leave a prize in the bag gift. Often there is a replacement, or worse, removal of the prize for not knowing where to click


I have at this stage indicators character 31, 35, 41, 11, 24, 43. As soon as I go to the game indices umenyutsya ( (in each game in different ways), such as 22, 33, 29, 11, 24, 34 and the opponent as it is higher: 38, 29, 9, 9, 33, 42. Why does this happen and what is the problem?