Review of Greedy Cave 2: a cool online RPG

Review of Greedy Cave 2: a cool online RPG

It's okay, but it's lagging (stopped - upd)

Greedy Cave 2 is a relatively recent addition to the App Store (download), which was developed by Avalon. It's not exactly a sequel to the original Greedy Cave series, but a variation on the "what else could a mobile roguelike look like" theme. A distinctive feature of the second part is that the game has become more like a World of Warcraft MMORPG-part, with a lot of NPC, quest system, the ability to join a guild and joint passing of bosses.

How to play Greedy Cave 2

Conventionally, the game can be divided into two global locations - the city and the dungeon (hello to the first part of Diablo). In the city, we interact with NPCs in every way, we can buy weapons and armor, communicate with players. The main action takes place in the dungeon - it is made in the form of levels, at the end of each level is the descent to the next "floor". At these levels you can find loot, chests and monsters, from which you can knock out useful things. For ease of navigation dungeon drawn squares - you can move by taps on the desired square, or by using the joystick. Let's say at once that the first option is easier and more intuitive.

how to play greedy cave 2

Interacting with the world around you is also done by tap, the battles with monsters occur in automatic mode. The developers have made the gameplay a little more complicated, allowing you to carry only gold items - simple things are burned. So you have to save up money and buy gold items, which are quite difficult to find. But since the game is free, you can pour some real money and use the in-game currency to level up.

The main urban locations in Greedy Cave 2

If you pay attention to the mini-map, you'll see that in addition to the players online, there are several NPCs and locations in the city that you need to interact with periodically. Here are the main ones:


This is where you can check your current and completed quests. You get coins and gems for these

Time Gate

You can use these gates to move into the dungeon. However, the developers overdid it - first you have to click on the location to get to it, and then again to start using it. You could have done without this.


In the forge (yes really) you can craft weapons and armor - but not for free, of course, but for coins and gems.

greedy cave 2 guide

Most of the game time you will spend in the dungeon, in which the rules described above apply. Meetings with monsters can be avoided, and through a long tap you can see the information about him. It is clear that if the characteristics of the enemy are higher, you should not run into him. The main thing here is not to clear the whole level (like in Diablo), but to pass as far as possible. And if you get killed, you lose ALL your progress, so watch your health. Blago sometimes there are different runes on the level, which give the opportunity to heal. But the city also has a lot of interesting things - periodically visit there to update the list of quests and to buy weapons.

A full-fledged guide

Levels 1-14

At the first levels to pass floors (levels) mage difficult-first attack magic skill appears only by level 15, and his damage is small. Therefore, initially proposed the following option to invest points in skills 1 in attack, 2 in force (strength), 3 in attack, 4 in force. and so on to level 20. So why do we need to increase parameters in this order? Because 1 of our skills, which will help you more than once-heal, depends on the amount of power. So more power-more health will heal the skill. And here is the first skill to attack-chain of attack, unfortunately, depends on the attack, so you need to pump the attack. As for things. The mage has 2 options on what parameters to wear things.

The first option is for mana regeneration. If you collect the whole set with regeneration, and even enchant it, it will be enough for 1 treatment without spending. You can alternate with the use of the skill Chain of Attack.

The second option is to collect items for elemental attacks. Thanks to the mage's 2nd skill Element of Mastery, elemental damage increases by 30%. Also helps and 4 skill - Weakness (what the monster is vulnerable to you can see in the log, or by pressing the key on it, at the bottom of the description of the monster). Thanks to the speed of the Chain of Attack skill, the damage will be good.

Levels 15-20

Beginning at level 16, there are several options where to invest characteristic points. First, continue to invest equally in attack and power.2-study the power to 10 and invest in cunning. And the third is similar to the second, but the points invest in Mana. About the first option will not describe, because it is a continuation of the first part of the guide. The second is designed to reduce the damage on us.

First, because we will dodge, and second, because of the skill we have at 18lv-Instant Evasion. This skill reduces the attack by 10% if the enemy misses. And the last option is what to spend the characteristic points on.

At level 15 we have a skill we need very much - Sucking mana, which regenerates our mana, and deals some damage to the enemy. The amount of mana it regenerates depends on how much mana we have in total. Which means that the more mana, the more mana the skill will regenerate.

Regarding things remain relevant 2 builds specified in the 1 part of the guide, and there is another option-build on the evasion. Unfortunately, the author did not test this build, and check its effectiveness was not possible.

Levels 21-30

With 21 first lvl the mage is revealed in all its glory-we get a long-awaited skill for damage, depending on the power, which we pumped to regenerate OZ, and 3% chance to instantly kill a monster (does not work on bosses. Elite monsters with gold halo and enhanced characteristics can also die), and the best mage skill is Force Field.

The final results of pumping are 2-10 strength,10 mana,8 cunning and 10 strength,10 mana and 8 attack. The first option is suitable for those who continue to collect things to regenerate mana, the second for those who use the Chain of Attack and elemental damage. It's worth picking things preferably with power and regeneration - because it's the best combination at the moment.

Using a force field and while the enemy is hitting it, use Sucking Mana. On the plus side, the field can be applied multiple times, and the amount of damage it absorbs will add up.

Greedy Cave 2 Tips

Check quests

Otherwise, running around the dungeons just for fun and tedious, because most of the time you will meet the same monsters. And for completing tasks, as you know, there are rewards.

Enter the forge

At the beginning of the game your weapons are traditionally weak, so you will receive increased damage from monsters. That's why we recommend to collect a few hundred coins and spend them on good equipment. With time you will be able to get something serious.

Explore the entire dungeon

Of course, it is tedious, but you will be sure that you have checked absolutely all the corners and did not miss a single urn or chest, and collected all possible gold. Because (very rarely, but still) even at first you can find something extraordinary.

Look for hiding places

Perhaps someone noticed a small pickaxe in the inventory, but didn't pay much attention to it. And in vain - it turns out that in some places the dungeon has hidden doors. Just in front of them you can notice a small icon of a pickaxe - break the door and get a unique loot.

And right away I want to scold you a lot - since this is an online game, it depends a lot on the internet. And the ping here usually varies from 250 to 400 ms, which is quite unpleasant, because sometimes your character can end up running to the wrong place, attack the wrong person, and you can end up failing an entire mission in which not only you are involved. So for cooperative missions, make sure you don't have anything in your way.

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