How to set "Do Not Disturb" or Do Not Disturb in iPhone

How to set "Do Not Disturb" or Do Not Disturb in iPhone

Have you ever tracked how much your favorite phone has crept into your life, into your bed? Personally, I never did, until recently. But here's a call in the middle of the night: "Hello, is that a cab?" or a text at 4am - "New Year's sale! Today only! And only at 5!" and then read the book "Doubt" Baransky Slava gave reason to wonder who the boss here - me or the phone 🙂 So I learned about the mode "Do not disturb" in the phone and now will talk about what it is and how to set it.

By the way, the same situation - sitting with someone you haven't seen for a long time, or missed, or just chatting with friends, and then the phone rings, in 999 out of 1000 people pick up the phone. And this is the norm - how can I miss that "super important" call? Makes sense. Who then is the person next to or across from you? If his attention at this moment you neglect. Anyway, you can read about this in detail in Slava's book.
That's not what I mean. iPhone offers us a super-opportunity to provide our night peace of mind. And by elementary system settings, without additional applications.
I'm talking about the standard function Do Not Disturb. It allows you to "turn off" the phone without leaving the network operator - for the caller your number will sound as "busy", and the SMS you just will not hear, will come in the background. Voila. Now you and only you control when to see missed or received sms (Vibera also applies).

Set Do Not Disturb or Do Not Disturb in iPhone

Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb
First. You can turn on the mode "Manual.", it's more suitable for meetings, dinners, spending time with loved ones and children.
 How to set "Do Not Disturb" or Do Not Disturb in iPhone     How to set "Do Not Disturb" or Do Not Disturb in iPhone
Second. Switching on the mode "Scheduled.", choose a time "from" to "to" that does not disturb us. I chose from 23:00 to 06:00.
It is important to note the option "Allow Calls From" - this is a group of phone numbers for which the settings do not work. for sure, these may be the phones of parents, loved ones, children and other super-important people from whom you would not want to miss a phone call at any time.
When the mode is on, in the upper information menu, next to the battery indicator there will be a "month" symbol - this is it, the function is on.
 How to set "Do Not Disturb" or Do Not Disturb in iPhone     How to set "Do Not Disturb" or Do Not Disturb in iPhone
And I would like to mention the "Repeated Calls" feature - if a caller who is not in the Favorites group calls you back twice in a row, and there is less than 3 minutes between calls, he will "wake you up" with the second call. This option is for emergency calls and really urgent things that may happen.
That's pretty much it. Now you have the phone, not the phone you 🙂
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