Review: Dungeon Hunter 4

In the world of mobile games more and more great new things are coming out, and I want to tell you about a very interesting game called Dungeon Hunter 4First of all, I want to note that the game is very beautiful and technological. It is perfectly optimized and extremely fast loading. Secondly, the mechanics of the game is not annoying and quite comfortable, especially if you play on iPad. The only thing that causes irritation is a huge number of comments by the protagonist. Solid "Now we'll see what's going on there" or "I'm not afraid of enemies - I have a super sword!", - and all in this spirit, well, nonsense. But this problem is found in almost all hack'n'slash, so relax and wave our super sword.d9485c534ee1f2593d176e4df38942f13bab04f87fbe28ae2464b0fabdac0c50 1b94c551246bcd2434531f5642c80a87c40c2259a507ae6c6adc2997ed90d8aeAnd since we touched on the topic of genre affiliation, it is not superfluous to describe the combat system. The big and convenient virtual button on the left is responsible for the blows. We press it more often, and dodge enemies with the joystick movement on the right, and spend blue special band (mana) to conduct special attacks. After the fight, moving the joystick, quickly collect the falling out packs of gold and move on.606727e5fbfc7d6640024a2751595089f69a29ed50af13331ab32148e3cad8ae b8d1c32591b2850d779986c9610c75ef1c5122e00cfbfdf25414d07f6ff77818Things are not so bad with the "pumping up" of your character. After the 5th level you will have a hard time if you do not buy armor or make a new one from the blacksmith. Armor and weapons can be bought in the store for crystals or for gold, but the "stuff" for crystals is obviously cooler than for gold. If you're not too lazy to collect materials, you can also make good "schmot" and "gun" from the blacksmith.e2156b9784f239f40183bfaee571d4a9890d47f0fc89acb160577aa9b3918e07The game is clearly addictive, but if you're afraid to spend crystals and never "donate" - you'll just mock the hero and yourself. After all, free armor won't save you from the hordes of monsters that will attack you.Lastly, I say: you can fight both solo and in co-op. Naturally, it is more interesting with friends.

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