Donut County review - really the best game of 2018?

Donut County review - really the best game of 2018?

Donut County, an iOS game about a raccoon digging holes, was the best of 2018

Every year Apple sums up a little bit of the year, and in its own opinion chooses games and applications worthy of the most flattering reviews. Playing Donut County was the best in 2018, which is surprising and controversial for a number of reasons.

The first - you can download the game Donut County, not only in the App Store (or Play Market), but also in Steam, and call a cross-platform title the best mobile game of the year at least strange.

The second is that at least Asphalt 9 appeared this year, Kingdom Rush Vengeance и Assassin's Creed: Rebellionwhich are also very, very good.

Third - with such graphics and such gameplay it's hard to break into at least the top games of the week, let alone the results for the year. Raccoon Digging Holes - that's about how you could describe Donut County. And it also costs $5 - thanks at least for the translation into Russian.

On the other hand, Apple employs serious people, so it is unlikely that they would choose something too surreal. In the Russian App Store the game does not have a lot of ratings - only 32 people voted for Donut County, and the result is a rating of 4.0. A similar rating got the game in the American App Store, but now for her voted about 1.2 thousand players. About the game even wrote on metacritic and gave it 77% - not bad for an indie game created by just one person. So the best way to check what this title holds is to download it and play it.

donut county game

Donut County review for iOS

It's hard to imagine, but the game does have a story that doesn't really tie in with the gameplay - the developer (if anything, his name is Ben Esposito) apparently didn't know how to add charm to simple gameplay, so it turned out what it did. Donut County is the name of the town where all the game events take place. In this game a Garbage King, who looks like a slightly plumped-up raccoon, opened a doughnut delivery business, but instead of doughnuts the customers were served by a huge pit, that swallowed everything that moved.

As a result, the entire city ended up in this pit, and now the protagonist VC (that's the name of the raccoon protagonist) along with the girl Mira (the only person in town) decides to fix the situation and put the city back where it belongs. You have to go back in time and get swallowed up in a pit, not by the civilians, but by the evil characters run by the Garbage King. Sounds crazy, but the plot is just about right - everything is laced with some great (sometimes even hilarious) nonsense, which has been tolerably translated into Russian, so fans of peculiar humor will appreciate it.

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The picture at first glance does not inspire confidence - it is too cartoonish, but in compliance with all the canons of the popular today's material design, even the color scheme is maintained in the appropriate style. You quickly get used to it, but it obviously differs from the fashionable pseudo-realism, and many potential users didn't like it just because of this. But the music here is simply incredible - it's not just polyphony, and not some set of sounds, and not even non commercial music from the Internet. It's full-fledged works of art that you want to listen to separately on repeat - all in all, very cool!

Donut County Walkthrough

You've definitely encountered this kind of gameplay before, or you've seen ads for similar games on Instagram. In general, we really have to control the hole in the ground - we stretch our finger across the screen in the right direction and it moves. At first the hole will be small, there will be barely enough space for small objects, and then we will be given the opportunity to devour entire houses. Of course, with this kind of gameplay it won't be the best game of the year, so the developer invented also to return the swallowed objects back, and they can interact with the environment. For example, you can swallow the frog and then spit it out so that it grabs the fly and you complete the task. Therefore, Donut County can be described as an arcade game with puzzle elements, although at first glance the thoughtfulness of the gameplay was out of the question. The only problem is that the developer does not reveal the increasing possibilities of the game, but gives out all at once, that is why after the long game session the events on the screen become boring. It was possible to stretch the game features on a few levels, to lure the users. Therefore, how to pass Donut County there is no question - the gameplay is clear enough.

donut county walkthrough

Yes, by the way, the final level breaks all the disadvantages of gameplay, and the storyline is very well turned out - so much so that they can even be forgiven. You can get to it in 2-3 hours of playing time, so the spent 5 dollars is even a little sorry - you could have made more levels. But these are the rates of indie games, and it's time to get used to them.

An ambiguous indie project was the best mobile game of 2018. It is really ambiguous - it seems that separately everything is very good, but as a whole the game causes mixed feelings. The graphics are good, the gameplay is cool, and the music is great, but there's still a bit of a residue. Anyway, we want to see some AAA-title as a winner, but not an absurd "made by hand" toy, so we rather don't agree with the choice of Apple this year.

And finally, information for those who liked the game - if you're looking for games that are similar to Donut County, we recommend you try hole.io. The gameplay is about the same, but the difference in atmosphere and graphics is enormous.

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