Updated application for NRJ Ukraine radio

New brand colors, primary and 3 web streams, air playlist, webcam and sleep timer.

On November 2 NRJ Ukraine updated its mobile product. A month after the test launch we can safely say that we have succeeded. We completely abandoned the white background with red controls, my team wanted to create a completely new product, which has never been on the mobile market in the field of NRJ brand. Our task was not just to make something new, as everyone knows that new logos, new design for some people very hard to get used to, but to redesign everything cardinally, but to leave something that clearly emphasizes the station.

Updated application for NRJ Ukraine radio

That's why we took the brand new brand colors of the radio station and embodied from them a cool product, which our listeners have been waiting for a very long time. There is nothing superfluous here, there is an opportunity to listen to the main stream and 3 web streams, view the playlist of the air while listening to the tracks, a webcam is available, sleep timer. For those who like to follow the rating of hits, a section of the top chart is available and the final step is the ability to write to the studio using NRJ Message.

The app is available for platforms iOS и Android.

Download and join our friendly NRJ family!

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