Updating the Vk App: How to listen to music

VKontakte finally updated the mobile client

VKontakte The mobile client has finally been updated.The other day, the mobile client of the beloved social network has finally been updated VKontakte. At the same time in the store. App Store The version is back again. Vk App for iPadThe only thing overshadowing such a joyful event was the fact that the developers of the program have removed the music section.


This step was justified by the fact that, otherwise, the company Apple I wouldn't have missed the app for anything in the store App Store. Despite the fact that the description claims that the developers VKontakte are doing their best to restore the beloved music service in future versions, don't get your hopes up.

Nevertheless, in Vk App There is an accessible way to listen to music files, but this method is only available to owners of iPhone. It doesn't require any special action: the only thing you need to do is type vk.com/audio into the search bar. If you do this on iPad - nothing will happen.

However, it is possible to download unofficial client VKontakte: Here the music section functions as in the old version of the program.

Download VK App for iPhone (Free)Download VK App for iPad (Free)

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