Next for iPhone - the easiest financial assistant

An update is out for the world's easiest financial assistant Next for iPhone :)Why do you need a financial assistant?

  • How much do you spend in a cafe in a month? A year?
  • And for food in general?
  • What about clothes?
  • Doesn't it spend a lot on entertainment and hobbies?

Download Next for iPhone From App Store.

This is the kind of question he answers. What to do next with this information is up to you. Although pundits say - less you know, more you sleep better 🙂 🙂Next for iPhoneNext for iPhoneA new version for the iPad with minor changes for the iPhone. The iPad version uses an innovative scaling interface that allows you to use the screen as efficiently as possible.The simplicity of the program is that with just a few native movements you can add, edit or delete expenses. The developers claim that your pauses will be caused solely by you and in no way by the interface. Somehow I believe it.Next for iPhoneNext for iPhoneA few other features of Next for iPhone:

  • Exporting data to Excel/Numbers
  • Creating a backup via email, AirDrop or iMess
  • Synchronizing via iCloud

Absolutely, Next for iPad works fine on its own, without being paired with an iPhone or Mac.

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