About the project

Apps4Life was originally a hobby where I shared my experiences and results of testing, using apps and playing games on my brand new iPhone 4S. I remember installing almost every little appealing app, then uninstalling, installing another and with all of that I really wanted to share. At first I was just making notes in NotesThey are still there:

About the project

Then I started posting these posts on Facebook, and only then did I decide to create a separate site. It had a terrible design, functionality, and I knew nothing about the media industry. All I needed was a platform where I could share what I thought were useful insights about mobile games and apps.

Then the iPhone 6S, 8 Plus and finally the XS happened to me.

By the way, Android also happened to me. This was exactly before my first iPhone. When I got confused with all these versions, sizes, brands, but with the iPhone it was easy - you buy the last one, pick it up and everything works.

Since then, the project has grown a lot. New topics have appeared, on which not only I write, but also the author. We started to write a lot about gadgets, cybersports, useful services, and of course gambling.

And, of course, we still do the best reviews and guides for apps and games. Write to me if you need to tell me about your app or game in simple words, as useful, dry and comfortable as possible, and in a way that even a child can understand.

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Do you want to help the project? I would be only too glad. I'll drink to your health and invest in the development of the project.